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Kerbside management solutions that enable intelligent mobility, better connecting cities with people and businesses.

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The champion of the kerb.

We’re kerb obsessed. It began when we launched AppyParking, the tool that makes parking easy for everyone. By working so closely with Local Authorities, we realised the huge, untapped potential lying right under all of our feet. The humble kerb, with the power to transform our cities. Right then AppyWay was born.
Now armed with best-in-class kerbside data, APIs and full stack management systems, we know kerbs are our key to tackling urban issues of modern-day living: congestion, mobility, pollution, even dying high streets.
What was once just a kerb is now a commodity.

Unleashing value

From static cement to dynamic data source. Real-time visibility of kerb-usage helps balance the needs of the public, councils and our cities.

Shaping future spaces

Opening up kerb potential today drives our urban opportunities for tomorrow. From electrification to active travel and the AV generation; our cities will be ready.

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Local Authorities
& AppyWay

Empowerment for Local Authorities through a Govtech platform of kerbside data and management solutions.
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& AppyWay

Practical tools and mobility solutions that drive efficiency, optimise assets and keep people, goods and cities moving.
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The AppyWay platform of data, APIs, payment solutions and kerbside management tools helps transform cities. The upside is unlimited.

Kerbside Management Govtech Stack Dashboard - TRO Mapper, Real-time Parking Data

Kerbside Management

AppyKerb, our Govtech stack, is a complete kerbside management platform. With AppyKerb, Local Authorities are empowered to commoditise and open up their assets. This enables rich data-driven insights and digital access solutions for everyone using our kerbs.

How it works
Intelligent Mobility Mobile Apps preview with Real-Time Parking Availability and Costs

Intelligent Mobility

AppyWay business solutions keep people, goods and cities flowing. A full eco-system of kerbside data APIs, payment solutions and CAV integrations improves kerb interactions for local enterprises, customers, deliveries and fleets alike.

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Smart Car Park Software Dashboard showing Parking insights

Smart Car Parks

Our innovative solution suite for car park operators. Better experiences for drivers. Enhanced asset value for corporate and commercial operators. Increased efficiency, revenue and even compliance.

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AppyWay in action

See how we're redefining the parking experience and providing kerbside insight in Harrogate.

Thriving cities, from the kerb up

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The kerb is our greatest untapped urban asset. AppyWay unlocks all its potential. Get in touch today and realise the opportunities right under your feet.

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