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Your kerbs are rich data sources. Insights, our analytics tool, visualises and combines your solution data into meaningful information. Arming you with the facts and trends that drives smarter decisions.
With our smart sensor technology, Insights brings to life the full demand lifecycle of your parking assets. We can help you support policy objectives with data-driven decisions, increase value and better meet the needs of your local residents and businesses.
Insights Kerbside Dashboard - Real-time Parking Data Analytics

Digitising the kerb,
unlocking value

  • See demand patterns, parking session lengths and usage with Occupancy Data
  • Get the most accurate view of kerbside demand thanks to real-time sensor-detected data
  • Gain a holistic view of parking revenue and activity, including Pay & Display revenue with enriched reporting

24/7 reporting

Analyse kerbside demand over the entire day and week, not just operating hours. Uncover tariff optimisation opportunities.

Real-time feed

See demand of your assets in real-time. Enhance enforcement operations and monitor activity in suspended bays.

Comparative analysis

Review performance trends, identify high and underperforming areas of your network, comparing between on and off-street assets.
Insights in action

Learn about how our sensor solution in Harrogate provides rich kerbside insights.

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