Project Challenge – Corporate Parking Congestion

Arm’s global headquarters in Cambridge is home to over 3,000 employees. To accommodate so many people Arm recently expanded its site to include 2 new multi-story car parks and 5 surface car parks, incorporating over 1,800 spaces.

However, even with the increase in parking capacity, the concentrated periods of peak commuter rush meant employees still struggled to locate available spaces. This contributed to increased congestion around the campus, extending commute times by up to 20 minutes and resulting in parking becoming one of the biggest pain points employees raised in an internal survey. Parking on-site remained at a premium.

To combat this Arm has implemented a sustainable transport plan which seeks to promote employees travelling to work by bus, bike and ridesharing (carpooling). Arm has 43 dedicated carpool bays distributed across preferential locations around the campus to help encourage ridesharing. However, staff that drive to work did not have visibility of these bays and site managers are unable to monitor occupancy and potential misuse. Both factors have limited the appeal of carpooling among employees.

Arm Sensors and Led sign

A sensor-enabled solution

After consulting with the team at Arm to better understand their challenge and objectives, our solution involves a combination of AppyWay sensors to be deployed to monitor occupancy of parking bays across the entire campus.

Vehicle Counting Sensing

Deployed at entrances and exits of multi-story car parks and on internal car park ramps

Spot Sensing for all bay types

Employees | Visitors & contractors | Electric Vehicle Charging Points | Disabled

Smart Bay Monitoring with Bluetooth connectivity

Carpool / Rideshare bays

Greater visibility for employees

Occupancy information panels

Occupancy data from the sensors will be displayed on 9 variable message signs installed across the site to guide employees and visitors directly to the nearest available bay.

AppyParking mobile app

The app provides employees with advanced information about available parking, allowing them to plan how and when to travel to the site. Future functionality will incorporate bay reservations for visitors and contractors, improving overall parking utilisation.

Arm Corporate Parking stats showing bay occupancy

Collaborative innovation with Liftshare

To further support Arm’s sustainable travel objectives, we’ve partnered with Liftshare, the UK’s leading car share for work provider, to encourage more Arm employees to commute to work together by sharing a ride.

To incentivise staff, the 43 dedicated carpooling bays in preferential locations at the Arm site will be fitted with AppyWay’s Smart Bay Monitoring sensors. Employees will be able to use the AppyParking app to view real-time availability of the dedicated spaces and navigate to them.

To ensure the bays are used as intended, employees will authenticate they have carpooled with the use of unique QR codes generated in the Liftshare app.

Smart Car Park Dashboard - Real-time parking data for Corporate Car Parks

Actionable Insight

Insights, AppyWay’s data and analytics tool, provides the team at Arm with a consolidated view of exactly how their parking assets are being used by employees. Rich dashboards, heatmaps and data layers help visualize trends, identify key metrics and build reports.

Data from Liftshare will be directly integrated into the Insights dashboard, allowing the operations team to monitor occupancy of their dedicated car sharing bays. The integration with Liftshare will let administrators verify that valid vehicles are parked in these locations.

Ultimately, it’s all about empowering the facilities team to make better-informed real estate and space usage decisions, opening up opportunities to optimize costs, deliver better parking experiences for employees and realise the objectives of Arm’s sustainable transport plan.

What They’re Saying

We’re very excited to be working with AppyWay. Innovation is in our DNA here at Liftshare and we’re constantly striving to offer our clients the best possible solution to encourage people to travel more sustainably. The opportunity to collaborate with companies like AppyWay means that clients get a well thought through, integrated solution that supports their goals and objectives when it comes to managing their car parks

Ali ClabburnLiftshare CEO

Sustainable and smart employee parking has arrived

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