We are on a mission to help cities thrive. As part of our vision to provide world leading solutions for both users of parking and the operators that manage and maintain parking assets, we have developed a number of new technologies and integrated systems.

One such innovation is our Smart City Parking (SCP) system that delivers the ultimate, seamless parking experience for drivers and a powerful kerbside utilisation tool for Local Authorities to better manage and optimise their existing assets.

The system is a global first, where digitised parking data, parking sensors, parking payments, ANPR barriers and linear pricing have been consolidated into a single, seamless solution.

However, truly new technologies and systems require opportunities to be adopted in the real-world, in town and city centres and robustly experienced at scale by users in order for the wider market to realise its potential. In this respect, we faced a problem: the cost for the hardware that enables the Smart City Parking system, the surface-mounted parking sensors, represented a significant investment for Local Authorities during a time where it is commonly understood Local Government budgets are under increasing strain and scrutiny.


The solution came through our partnership with Visa Europe. Together we developed a call-to-arms in the form of the Innovation Competition Fund. A total of £700,000 was provided by Visa Europe to be made available to Local Authorities who applied to become the first towns and cities to introduce the SCP system.

AppyWay and Visa Europe share a vision for delivering innovative solutions that make accessing and paying for travel and mobility services as seamless as possible. Our work together on this initiative is testament to the shared values between the brands and teams who have brought the project to life.

A key component of Smart City Parking is our innovative One Click Parking™ solution, developed as part of our Visa partnership. The technology enables drivers to start and pay for sessions that will automatically end when they drive away, with just a single click of the app. We have developed a billing engine that delivers further benefit for drivers as they pay on a per minute basis for their parking session, following the minimum charge at that location.

Physical demonstration units showcasing the One Click Parking™ solution feature at three Visa offices across the globe: London, Frankfurt and Dubai.

Insights Kerbside Dashboard - Real-time Parking Data Analytics

Bringing the vision to life

Promoted and facilitated by AppyWay, the Innovation Competition Fund has achieved great success, with four UK towns and cities subscribed and welcoming the Smart City Parking system to their streets and car parks in 2019, including Harrogate, Halifax and Portsmouth.


Smart City Parking with Visa

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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The first city to go live with the Smart City Parking system is Harrogate. The has seen the deployment of 2,156 smart parking sensors across all on-street parking bays, managed by North Yorksire County Council, and off-street car parks operated by Harrogate Borough Council.

The combined investment from Visa Europe and AppyWay for the supply and installation of the system in Harrogate has exceeded £200,000. This investment has unlocked the opportunity for the system and its benefits for local drivers and visitors to Harrogate but also the two authorities that operate and maintain parking.

What They’re Saying

AppyWay is a great example of a company that’s reimagining parking in a very customer centric way. At Visa we’re committed to working with partners across the transportation sector to develop innovative payment solutions that make accessing and paying for travel seamless and secure. We know high streets are facing challenging times so it has never been more important to take the hassle out of visiting your local shops. We hope our work with AppyWay encourages the people of Harrogate and beyond to drive into town and enjoy everything it has on offer.

Hemlata NarasimhanSenior Vice President, Visa in Europe

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