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Why we do

          What we do?

We’re obviously a bit biased. But we genuinely believe kerbs are the key to unlocking a better urban life for us all – environmentally, socially, commercially and physically. And that right now is the right time to unlock that kerb power.

The team on stand at Traffex and Parkex 2022
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Company Values

Win With Humility

We’re tackling some complex, long term problems and we won’t compromise on our honesty to get there.

Act like a Pillar

We are building world-changing solutions to a global problem and won’t compromise on quality by cutting corners.

Find a Better Way

We believe that we have a moral responsibility to leave things better than we found them, so we act sustainably in our interactions with stakeholders and when choosing suppliers.

Make the Details Count

Data drives our decision making and we track metrics to ensure we are prioritizing the priorities, and measuring what matters most.

The analogue problem

Kerbs haven’t changed physically for centuries. Yet the way we use them has. Dramatically. The explosion of ride-hailing, ever-rising home deliveries and the popularity of PAYG services has created unprecedented pressures on our kerbsides, causing congestion, pollution and safety issues. Our urban infrastructure is collapsing under the pressure and cities are struggling to balance access needs with urgency to reach net zero 2050.

A digital future

We need smarter, better connected cities where residents and businesses can make informed travel decisions. Decisions that help reduce congestion, fuel consumption, and let our cities breath. Kerbs are crucial in making this happen. And the first (hugely significant) step is helping local authorities digitise their assets, retaining control and unlocking the essential data which will fuel sustainable, intelligent mobility ecosystems, and create more liveable cities.

Unlocking decarbonisation

By arming local authorities with future-proofed, innovative solutions we are transforming the humble kerb into a valuable, dynamic piece of infrastructure. And unlocking the vast power within in a way that improves experiences for residents, businesses, councils and high streets alike.

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