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Our story so far

Why we do what we do

We’re obviously a bit biased. But we genuinely believe kerbs are the key to a better urban life for us all – socially, commercially and physically. And that right now is the right time to unlock that kerb power.

An Urban Problem

Kerbs haven’t changed physically for centuries. Yet the way we use them has. Dramatically. The explosion of ride-hailing, ever-rising home deliveries and the popularity of PAYG services doesn’t only drive up congestion, pollution and safety issues.

As drivers battle for precious space to drop off and pick up, it’s causing kerbside chaos. And our urban infrastructure is collapsing under the pressure.

A connected solution

We need smart, connected cities where intelligent mobility can flourish. Creating ever-more open spaces that let our cities breathe.

Kerbs are crucial in making this happen. And the first (hugely significant) step is helping Local Authorities digitise their assets, retaining control and unlocking the essential data which will fuel sustainable, intelligent mobility ecosystems.

From kerb to commodity

By arming Local Authorities with future-proofed, innovative solutions we are transforming the humble kerb into a valuable, dynamic commodity.

And unlocking the vast power within in a way that improves experiences for residents, businesses, councils and high streets alike.

Our kerbside roadmap

Ever-more dynamic cities. Kerbside infrastructure that ebbs and flows with the real-time demands of urban life. A seamless conduit between the public and private sector, lifting standards for us all. That’s the AppyWay vision of the future.

Collaborating for impact

More Local Authorities and businesses are plugging in our solutions all the time. This momentum helps us all deliver real, positive change.

  • Rejuvenating high streets by easing parking hassle
  • Enabling Local Authorities to make insight-rich, data-driven policy decisions
  • Raising safety standards
  • Improving compliance with kerbside regulations with our mobile app and mobility APIs
  • Cutting the time and distance drivers waste hunting for parking

An even higher ambition

We want even more councils and businesses to see the future like we do. Because the more that plug into our platform of best-in-class data, APIs and tools, the more electric, autonomous mobility becomes a reality. That paves the way for automated compliance. Seamless transactions. And smarter, cleaner, more efficient cities. For everyone.

That’s the AppyWay way.

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We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in Philadelphia with a passion for creating innovative architecture. We work with businesses and people to create a more beautiful world.

“Alex was there every step of the way and brought my vision further than I could have imagined!”

Josh MargolisFounder of DAF
AppyWay Leadership - Dan Hubert - Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO

Dan Hubert

Dan initially founded AppyParking after experiencing first-hand the pain of parking caused by a fragmented and broken market when trying to park near the Royal Albert Hall for a concert. From this was born the AppyParking mobile app, but more questions quickly arose…

What if we could digitise parking spaces? And not just spaces – but all of the UK’s kerbs? What opportunities would that unlock? How could a digitised, dynamic kerb not only meet the ever-growing demands of urban transport today – but shape that of tomorrow?

From that lightbulb moment onwards, Dan was hooked and with AppyWay, he’s leading the charge to help cities thrive, from the kerb up.

Chief Finance Officer

Ed Gilchrist

Chief Financial Officer with over 20 years in Finance three of which were based in California. Broad sector experience with focus on B2B SaaS and video game development and publishing. A ‘plain clothes’ Chartered Accountant adept at making financial data and concepts digestible to non-finance partners. Track record of partnering with senior business leaders to ensure rigorous investment appraisal along with accurate performance tracking and insightful reporting against business objectives.

Thriving cities, from the kerb up

Like what we’re up to?

We’re always on the look out for passionate and committed people to join our team. Check out our careers page to learn more about life at AppyWay and our open opportunities.

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decarbonising cities 

decarbonising cities 

decarbonising cities 

from the kerb up 

from the kerb up 

from the kerb up