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Digital mapping to capture and standardise traffic order data

Industry-leading LiDAR, photographic and machine learning survey solutions to efficiently capture kerbside assets and restrictions, enabling map-based TRO management

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Reflect exactly what's on-street with 3cm data accuracy

Data capture and extraction delivers highly accurate ‘digital twin’ of kerbside assets and parking restrictions, providing the foundations for public friendly map-based TRO management.

  • Parking restrictions: Manage incoming requests through a standardised form, decision log and notifications

  • Traffic restrictions and plates: All parking plates, exit/entry signs, and more

  • Loading/Waiting information: Single yellow lines, double yellow lines, and kerbs marks

Realise more value with faster data capture and extraction

Combining multiple survey and extraction technologies delivers valuable TRO data into the hands of local authorities faster.

  • Up to 100kms captured every day: On-vehicle and on-foot solutions ensure all road networks are mapped quickly, affording multiple passes to verify gaps when necessary.
  • LiDAR and optical surveys deliver more value: High-quality data and photographic Imagery captured at approximately 1 to 3 metres along route, with 50+ additional features extractable, including maintenance condition flags for street signage.
  • Supporting your journey to consolidated orders: Post-survey and data extraction, our dedicated team uploads TRO data into Mapper and supports you through quality assurance and creation of your first consolidated traffic orders.

We deliver speed and accuracy at half the cost of traditional surveys

Our expertise in reducing the gap between what’s on the road and in records is why local authorities pick us for digitising their traffic orders.

360° Imagery

Specialised vehicle-mounted cameras capture high definition photographs every meter to ensure high accuracy and coverage of roads.

Pinpoint Accuracy

All imagery is date and timestamped, whilst providing full geographically referenced positional data using global mapping standards.

Superior Extraction

Data extraction process involves a combination of machine-learning, artificial intelligence and stringent quality checks by specialist teams for precise results.

Data Experts

We analyse every street, ensuring rigorous standards of data are met and traffic orders match highest level of compliance.

Built for todays’s challenges

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