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Unlock collaboration and share digital TRO data with Traffic Suite's integrations and connected services

Open up a whole new world of collaboration through shareable, human and machine-readable data and APIs.

One of the most exciting aspects of the AppyWay Traffic Suite is its ability to easily and seamlessly integrate with other systems and teams. Unlock collaboration today through shareable, human and machine-readable data and APIs.

Internal teams

Enhance collaboration and improve project visibility across council teams by providing a holistic view of active static and moving orders across the council area.

External partners

Dramatically improve the enforcement, appeals and FOI process by easily sharing TRO data or integrating with external teams and partners.


Integrate with a range of internal and external systems ensure all traffic order stakeholders have the most up-to-date TRO data.

Integrations and Connected Services

Integration Integration type Benefit
ANPR System Via an easily integratable API, push out the most up-to-date restrictions to ANPR systems
Asset management Team Share restrictions via API, read-only access to Mapper or the Streets platform with asset management teams
Data modelling Team Collaborate with data modelling teams by granting read-only access to Mapper or a link to Streets
Enforcement System & Team Share accurate restriction information via API or Streets with enforcement teams and reduce traffic order queries
EV charging and planning System & Team Encourage EV uptake by collaborating with EV teams and providers for a seamless charging rollout
External consultants Team Share restriction data with external consultants via a range of visibility options
GIS software System Easily integrate with a range internal and external GIS systems
Transport teams Team Collaborate across all kerbside relevant teams by providing read-only access to Mapper or full access to Streets
Parking payment providers System Via API seamlessly integrate with parking payment providers, providing them with up-to-date restriction information
Planning teams Team Encourage the proactive management of traffic orders in major works and regeneration projects
Road safety (MTO) Team Promote safer roads by providing access to static and moving order information
Road space management Team Minimise disruptions for residents by sharing restriction data with road space management teams
Suspensions System & Team Integrate with suspensions teams or systems via API, Mapper and Streets
Sustainable transport Team Promote sustainable transport through easily shared and understood traffic order data

AppyWay is 75% faster

than our previous process

Andrew Bourke, Haringey Council

Read the customer story

AppyWay is 75% faster

than our previous process

Andrew Bourke, Haringey Council

Read the customer story

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Dorset’s digital transformation

Dorset Council adopted AppyWay’s traffic suite to stay on top of the continuously evolving demands of a county whose needs vary vastly in each town, village and parish. By making traffic orders fast, open and efficient, they have increased their capacity to deliver change authority wide.

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