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Improve resident engagement with digital public consultation 

Engagement digitises the public consultation process, connecting traffic order teams with all key stakeholders online, collecting feedback faster and reporting more accurately.

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Consultation for traffic teams that care about feedback

Share proposed traffic orders, collect feedback and analyse responses from the public.

Drive participation from residents

Transparent digital public consultation to empower residents, businesses and statutory consultees.

  • Interactive map: Provide user friendly maps to the public to access from any device at any time.

  • Easy to understand: Simplify visualisations of traffic proposals on a map for all stakeholders.

  • Automatic labels: Create easy to understand legends based on the attributes of your data.

Make decisions with the voice of the public

Easily update and reply to members of the public on the progress being made on traffic orders.

  • Feedback form: Collect feedback in digital forms that automatically categorise responses.

  • Direct responses: Reply directly to feedback, group replies and dig deeper into public opinion.
  • Documents: Read and download relevant documents attached to every traffic order.

Action traffic orders backed with insights

Collect feedback viewable only to LAs from public consultation in a standardised format enabling intelligent decision making.

  • Dashboard: View summary of active, in review and archived responses along with feedback scores.
  • Activity log: Follow the progress of current consultations with a chronological response history.

  • Statistics reporting: Understand public sentiment quickly with graphs and charts for every consultation.

We deliver speed and accuracy at half the cost of traditional surveys

Our expertise in reducing the gap between what’s on the road and in records is why local authorities pick us for digitising their traffic orders.

360° Imagery

Specialised vehicle-mounted cameras capture high definition photographs every meter to ensure high accuracy and coverage of roads.

Pinpoint Accuracy

All imagery is date and timestamped, whilst providing full geographically referenced positional data using global mapping standards.

Superior Extraction

Data extraction process involves a combination of machine-learning, artificial intelligence and stringent quality checks by specialist teams for precise results.

Data Experts

We analyse every street, ensuring rigorous standards of data are met and traffic orders match highest level of compliance.

Built for todays’s challenges

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