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Capture public recommendations for EV charge points and cycle hangars in a few clicks

Promote public engagement in active travel, electrification and decarbonisation discussions. Enable demand-based planning for infrastructure within your authority. Plan better, save money, enhance your sustainable travel agenda.

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Let residents and visitors express their mobility needs

Easily collect, manage and action on public mobility infrastructure requests via our intuitive Requests Portal.

  • EVCP – electric vehicle charge points: The number of EV is growing significantly every year and it will not stop. Allow residents, fleets and councils to submit preferred EV bays locations and promote the decarbonisation of UK towns.

  • Cycle hangars: Improve infrastructures for more sustainable and carbon-zero travelling. Cycle hangars are crucial to create a better experience for cyclists, particularly for the every day commute.

  • Other requests: We keep developing our Requests Portal to accomodate as many types of requests as the public needs.

Make it easy for the public to get involved

It only takes a few clicks for the user to request an electric vehicle charge points and cycle hangar locations.

Users simply select the location they’d like on on a map, provide a few key details and submit.

  • Intuitive & accessible for everyone: Even first time users will immediately understand it and be able to post a request in 1 minute.

  • Works in all devices: Our requests portal will work both on mobile and desktop devices, so the public can use it anywhere anytime.

  • Help: Support and documentation are always available

We deliver speed and accuracy at half the cost of traditional surveys

Our expertise in reducing the gap between what’s on the road and in records is why local authorities pick us for digitising their traffic orders.

360° Imagery

Specialised vehicle-mounted cameras capture high definition photographs every meter to ensure high accuracy and coverage of roads.

Pinpoint Accuracy

All imagery is date and timestamped, whilst providing full geographically referenced positional data using global mapping standards.

Superior Extraction

Data extraction process involves a combination of machine-learning, artificial intelligence and stringent quality checks by specialist teams for precise results.

Data Experts

We analyse every street, ensuring rigorous standards of data are met and traffic orders match highest level of compliance.

Built for todays’s challenges

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