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How kerbside data is changing fleets

We will be discussing key trends for the next year and beyond. Discover how kerbside data solutions will transform fleet intelligence, directly increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Watch the webinar replay with our special guests

Paul Yewman, CEO PostTag
Paul Yewman

CEO, PostTag

Ben Boutcher-West - Head of Mobility at AppyWay
Ben Boutcher-West

Head of Mobility, AppyWay

Garry Thornton (Host)

Head of Marketing, AppyWay

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Why tune in?

The industry is changing fast and data will keep you at the forefront.

During this Webinar we discuss how real time intelligence and innovation is changing fleet operations globally. We explore how industry-leaders are integrating data points to their technology to optimise processes, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Our guest speakers focus on the power of data to unlock opportunities on the last metre and how it will impact the industry in the next few years to create seamless mobility

Live Q&A

The last section of the webinar was reserved for questions from the attendees. We’ve selected and answered the most relevant ones within the topics discussed.

What's being discussed?

  • 2 Top UK Mobility Specialists from PostTag & AppyWay
  • Find what’s next for the Fleets industry
  • Discover ready data solutions available to fleets in 2020
  • How PostTag is using Data to significantly reduce costs

Meet the Contributors

Their expertise and insights brought this valuable eBook to life

Ben Boutcher-West
Head of Mobility, AppyWay

As an urbanist living city pain points, Ben’s mission is to enable access to all and remove friction using the latest mobility technology.

An autonomous vehicle expert, a degree in Design from Brunel University and 8 years industry experience with both Jaguar Land Rover and Bosch, Ben now heads up mobility at AppyWay. Ben brings his technical industry insights and passion for sustainable city technology to develop future products and services in cities worldwide.

When not travelling, he continues to mentor students with Imperial and the RCA, and is very active in the start-up mobility ecosystem.

Paul Yewman
CEO, PostTag

Paul Yewman is CEO of PostTag, the navigation technology specialist, a position he has held since September 2016. The London-based company provides pinpoint navigation to ensure drivers get to the right front door first time, every time without asking the customer to take any additional steps, such as remembering a combination of 3 random words or an alphanumeric code. PostTag makes your address more precise saving delivery drivers an average of 90 seconds per delivery.

Yewman is a world-class strategist and sleeves-up executor, merging the best of the corporate and start up ecosystems. He is an expert in relating technology applications to business needs and building win/win partnerships.

Stay ahead of the game

The industry is changing fast and digital innovation is key to keep you on the front line.

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Who is it for?

This Webinar is aimed at experienced professionals dealing with fleets who are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and generate better results for their businesses. The content of this webinar will be interesting for these industries:


The last metre for the service industry revolves around parking. With kerbside data, dynamic parking information will become a critical asset for fleets, helping them lower parking spend, reduce fines and save time.


Optimising the journey from vehicle to the right address first time without any friction is the next frontier. With a staggering £880m in estimated cost to British eRetailers of late and missed deliveries in 2017, better data solutions is the only way to bring costs down.


With the decade of electric vehicles, we will witness a new landscape impacting the total cost of ownership (TCO) for fleets. Telematics industry will be pushed to innovate, as OEM and manufacturers build in house capabilities to serve fleets with an eye on recurring subscription models.

Software providers

Fleets are dependent on software providers to continuously innovate and integrate better technology in their day to day operations. To create data points in their software, fleet management and job management providers need to understand impact data can make on fleet operations.

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Stay ahead of the game.

The industry is changing fast and digital innovation is key to keep you on the front line.

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