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A streamlined method for importing D-TRO data

Mark Davis
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Accurate and up-to-date traffic order (TRO or TMO) data is essential for enforcement agencies and other traffic order stakeholders to promote compliance at the kerbside and ensure the smooth flow of traffic and goods throughout London. Traffic Environment Systems (TES) and APCOA sought to improve their operations in the London Borough of Lambeth by ingesting, via an API integration, Lambeth Council’s highly accurate, digital traffic order data, managed and shared through the AppyWay Traffic Suite.


Lambeth Council faced challenges in disseminating up-to-date traffic order data to various stakeholders, including enforcement technology suppliers such as TES and parking management providers like APCOA. The previous approach was time-consuming, prone to errors, and hindered effective collaboration between the council and these external parking and enforcement teams.



AppyWay’s Traffic Suite offered a digital map-based solution that enabled the seamless integration of TRO data into TES and APCOA’s systems. By utilising an Application Programming Interface (API) integration, TES and APCOA could tap into the rich dataset provided by Traffic Suite.


The use of AppyWay’s Traffic Suite by Lambeth and the integration with TES and APCAO’s systems has resulted in:

  • Better collaboration between departments and external stakeholders
  • Seamless enforcement operations by providing these agencies with the latest information on restrictions
  • Confidence in the data they were working with
  • Significant efficiency gains and time savings by relying on accurate, council-managed data

Lambeth’s highly accurate digital traffic order data as seen in Mapper

Council managed, digital traffic orders enhance collaboration and integration

The adoption of digital map-based traffic orders transformed the way the Lambeth managed their TRO/TMO data. This digital approach allowed for better collaboration between departments and external stakeholders, ensuring that accurate and real-time traffic restriction data was readily accessible to all relevant parties.

Real-time updates and accuracy

Through the API integration with AppyWay’s Traffic Suite, the changes made by the council were updated in real-time, facilitating seamless enforcement operations by providing these agencies with the latest information on restrictions.

Confidence for stakeholders

With the implementation of digital traffic order data, TES and APCOA gained confidence in the data they were working with. The assurance of data accuracy meant that enforcement technology and parking management providers could make informed decisions based on reliable information.

I am extremely pleased with our AppyWay collaboration, and we plan to continue exploring the dynamic realm of digital traffic order management and transport technology with AppyWay, leveraging the diverse possibilities enabled by their powerful tools. I appreciate their professionalism, high-quality work, and expertise. I wholeheartedly recommend their services. The remarkable teamwork from AppyWay has transformed our work processes, leading to substantial efficiencies, which, especially in the current times, translates to an enhanced level of productivity.

Marc TheophilusProject Manager, Lambeth Council

Efficiency and removal of duplication

Both TES and APCOA experienced significant efficiency gains. TES, responsible for supplying the ANPR spotter vehicles used for enforcement, saved substantial time by relying on accurate, council managed data. APCOA, the parking management provider, was able to streamline operations and better manage client relationships, exemplified by their relationship with Lambeth.

The TES ANPR spotter vehicles enable APCOA to cover more of Lambeth’s Controlled Parking Zones in less time. The ANPR Spotter vehicles carry out a check on each parked vehicle and only flags up those vehicles that may be in contravention. This means APCOA can concentrate their efforts on vehicles that are in contravention, rather than having to manually check every single vehicle which would normally be the case.

Operational robustness

The Traffic Suite integration between Lambeth’s data and TES and APCOA meant their operations became more robust. With accurate data readily available, they were better equipped to handle enforcement activities and parking management, contributing to smoother traffic flow, better kerbside compliance, improved urban mobility, and data-led decision making.

Enforcement data captured by the TES ANPR Spotter Vehicles is sent in real-time to the TES Compliance Display Map platform (CDM) which is underpinned by the highly accurate TRO/TMO data provided by Traffic Suite. CDM provides comprehensive reports to APCOA and Lambeth that allow the management teams to monitor performance and identify and correct issues with deployments, permit data, configuration and plan future deployments.

TES ANPR spotter vehicle

The London Borough of Lambeth’s decision to embrace digital map-based traffic orders through AppyWay’s Traffic Suite resulted in enhanced collaboration, accuracy, and efficiency for TES and APCOA. The successful implementation of this integration significantly improved stakeholder relationships, strengthened enforcement operations, and streamlined parking management activities. As a result, TES and APCOA experienced tangible benefits in traffic management, setting a positive example for other urban areas seeking to modernise their traffic and enforcement management processes.

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