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Reimagining towns and cities post COVID-19

With £225 million available via the Emergency Active Travel Fund and the government legislating to enable rapid deployment of schemes prioritising cyling and walking, our essential guide breaks down what the new Statutory Guidance really means and how local authorities can best respond to secure funding and transform their networks.

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What's inside?

  • Review of travel trends and impact during lockdown and recovery
  • Forecasting the new realities emerging for cities
  • Evaluation of government funding and legislative priorities
  • Detailed analysis of new government guidance
  • How authorities can best respond
  • What new tools and solutions are available to support action?
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About the Authors

Minesh Naran
Head of City Partnerships

Minesh leads on engagement with councils and highway authorities across the UK. His experience spans implementation of IT and Geospatial solutions from initial enquiry and procurement, through to system deployment and post-live support.

He is well-versed in on-boarding services including data surveys, validation and compliance with legal procedures regarding traffic orders and highway asset management

Annie Reddaway
Mobility Analyst

Annie is a Mobility Analyst at AppyWay, providing rich insight into how the public and private sectors can collaborate to optimise transport infrastructure in our cities.

Annie has been a part of the connected vehicle and mobility industry for 6 years, working directly with companies including GM, Ford, Volvo, car2go, Continental, BMW, Otonomo, WirelessCar, and the City of Detroit. In 2018, Annie was honoured to be awarded “Best Connected Car/New Mobility Leader Spokesperson” by Auto Connected Car News and recently co-founded the London hub of the Women in Mobility network.

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