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Changing to a world class Traffic Order Management Suite couldn’t be easier

See how simple it is to transform Local Authority TRO processes and join the most innovative and forward thinking councils in the UK.

5 simple steps to digitise your TROs

There are no excuses to not get your Council ahead of the kerb with the most innovative Traffic Order Management solutions. Whether you’re doing manual, text-based orders or using some other system, there is a much better way to manage your traffic orders.

See how easy it is to change.

Understanding your current processes and pain-points

It all starts with a simple conversation. Our highly experienced team of Traffic Management champions will listen to you, understand your particular situation and immediately identify how we can improve it, putting together a customised plan with all the next steps.

Exploratory call


Proposal Draft

Duration: 1 - 2 weeks

Simple and transparent agreement, no hidden-fees

We pride ourselves on offering exactly what’s best for each local authority, not more, not less, and no expensive extras or add-ons that you don’t need. All agreements are customised to the user's needs.

Proposal review

Commercial agreement

Duration: 1 - 2 weeks

Starting by converting and migrating your existing data

We’ll use your data as a starting point, speeding up the whole process. After migrating and transforming that data either from text based processes or another system, we will start enriching it using our own data or via Digital or LiDAR Surveys.

Data migration

Digital & LiDAR surveys

Duration: 2 - 6 weeks

Improving, harmonising and filling in all data gaps

After converting your data with new data from our surveys, we will need to harmonise validate and standardise it, working with the authority to find any discrepancies or anomalies, which we can quickly fix.

Discrepancy resolution


Duration: 2 - 4 weeks

Go-live with customised on-boarding and 1-to-1 training

Once all the heavy-lifting is done, it is all about getting your team ready to start using the new solution, with thorough on-boarding and training days, showing how you can improve efficiencies from day 1.

Legal advice

Public consultation

Training & On-boarding

Duration: 4 weeks

Complete your end to end digital transformation in as little as 3 months

Talk to our expert team and learn how to transform your traffic orders today.
See how easy it is to make the change.
Book a 15-min call

Dorset’s digital transformation

Dorset Council adopted AppyWay’s traffic suite to stay on top of the continuously evolving demands of a county whose needs vary vastly in each town, village and parish. By making traffic orders fast, open and efficient, they have increased their capacity to deliver change authority wide.

View the Dorset case study

One benefit for me and one the team are certainly realising, is the flexibility and ease of restriction creation that Mapper and the suite provides. The ability to process more than one at a time will free up our time to do more in terms of processing TRO's. From a professional or traffic regulation order point of view excited is perhaps too strong a word to use sometimes as it's not the usual thing to get excited about, but it's something that we can really see will work well for us.

Michael PotterDorset Council

Let’s talk about your traffic orders

Reach out to schedule a personalised demo with our traffic order specialists. We’ll show you how Mapper enables your local authority to take control of traffic orders, collaborate better and work faster.

You're in great company

Join some of the local authorities below that are using AppyWay to power their traffic order management.