Unlocking thriving towns through digital innovation

Making the case for embracing innovation

Join the live panel and Q&A with our very special guests to discuss how councils can access innovative solutions that aim to standardise their assets and data, drive efficiencies and promote liveable, accessible, sustainable, thriving towns.

Special Guests
Steve Birdsall
Steve Birdsall
CEO, Gaist
Ben Boutcher-West - Head of Mobility at AppyWay
Ben Boutcher-West
Head of Mobility, AppyWay
Stephen Stead
Stephen Stead
Director, SSE Enterprise
Garry Thornton
VP Sales & Marketing, AppyWay

Why tune in?

Struggling high streets, out of date processes, diminished community engagement and inability to share data plague local governments.

As technology and behaviours evolve, the public sector is often left scrambling to rectify policy issues and play technology catch-up, sometimes to the detriment of their local communities. Central government actively funds private sector innovation to solve a range of these issues from the complex to the niche.

Innovation and the digital transformation it triggers can seem like a future endeavour, a tomorrow problem, this feeling is compounded by local government budget issues and pressing challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to lift the lid on innovative projects, demystify digital transformation, and showcase how through central government funded private sector collaboration projects, solutions have been created to tackle today’s most urgent challenges whilst preparing towns and cities for the future.

What's being discussed?

  • Innovation funding and its benefits to local governments
  • Authority challenges and digital transformation barriers
  • Data accuracy, standardisation, interrogation, and integration
  • Notable projects benefits of innovative initiatives

Stay ahead of the game.

The industry is changing fast and digital innovation is key to keep you on the front line.

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Who is it for?

Local authorities

Councils are hungry for their communities to thrive and continue to thrive as the future of mobility becomes the mobility of today. Authorities are faced with sizable hurdles on their path to digital transformation, but the immediate challenges of today do require the innovative tools of tomorrow.

Mobility professionals 

Thriving towns need innovative ideas and solutions. With the right tools and private sector partnerships, local authorities can be empowered with the data, tools and solutions they need to tackle their urgent challenges and prepare for the future of transport. Tune in to find out how you can help.

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Stay ahead of the game.

The industry is changing fast and digital innovation is key to keep you on the front line.

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