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AppyWay’s comprehensive kerbside dataset powers BT Group’s EV charging cabinet transformation

  • The adoption of electric vehicles (EV) will dramatically increase in the coming years with the 2030 ban on the sale of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and initiatives like ULEZ expansion 
  • BT Group’s commitment to sustainability and its nationwide upgrade to full fibre has meant the group is seeking to repurpose their street cabinets into a network of EV chargers 
  • AppyWay’s kerbside data, recognised as the UK’s most comprehensive, is playing a pivotal role in BT Group’s visionary initiative to convert street cabinets into electric vehicle charging units
  • The data is being used to identify ideal locations for these conversions, ensuring the strategic deployment of EV charging points that maximise convenience and promote the uptake of EVs

Over the next two years, BT Group’s startup and digital incubation team called Etc., will conduct technical and commercial pilots to convert or upgrade its street cabinets into EV charging infrastructure. AppyWay’s extensive and highly accurate kerbside dataset, considered the most comprehensive in the UK, is playing a crucial role in helping BT Group identify suitable locations for this transformative project.

BT Group’s strategic decision aligns with its ongoing nationwide upgrade to full-fibre, which will render these street cabinets obsolete for their original purpose. By repurposing these cabinets as EV charging units, BT Group aims to harness its expansive estate to expand the availability and accessibility of electric vehicle charging points across the country.

AppyWay’s kerbside dataset provides invaluable support to BT Group by helping pinpoint ideal locations for the conversion of these street cabinets into EV chargers. With detailed digtial mapping of all signs, lines and bays at the kerbside and other relevant factors like drop kerbs and driveways, AppyWay empowers BT Group to make informed decisions about where to deploy these charging units to scale rollout and maximise their utility and convenience for electric vehicle users.

Our comprehensive UK-wide kerbside dataset is helping BT Group identify suitable locations for the transformation of street cabinets into EV charging points. The UK has big EV charge point targets to meet ahead of the 2030 ban on ICE vehicles and it’s data sharing such as this that unlocks a scalable charge point rollout and ultimately make electric vehicle charging accessible to all.

Dan HubertFounder & CEO of AppyWay

Electric vehicles are gaining rapid traction as a key component in a cleaner and more sustainable transportation ecosystem. AppyWay and BT Group’s forward-thinking approach reflects a significant step towards a greener future. Together, they will leverage AppyWay’s comprehensive kerbside dataset to identify optimal locations for the deployment of EV charging units, contributing to the advancement of EVs in the UK.