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Welcome aboard to Traffic Suite customer, Milton Keynes Council! 


Milton Keynes and AppyWay go way back! All the way back to 2018 in fact, when Milton Keynes took part in the Innovate UK Parking Platform project with us, providing insights that helped us build the end-to-end, traffic order management platform that we today call Traffic Suite. 

Milton Keynes and AppyWay’s friendship never faded and we’re thrilled that Milton Keynes has gone from a development partner to a fully-fledged user of the suite. 

Milton Keynes as seen through Traffic Suite

An innovative council who have been proactive in the connected and autonomous vehicle space, Milton Keynes needed an innovative solution to traffic order management and enforcement. Traffic Suite has been able to achieve this for the council, who have taken the approach of integrating the Traffic Suite API with their enforcement partner Egis to drive efficiencies within enforcement by providing CEOs with access to highly accurate, up-to-date restriction information, in turn reducing instances of appealed PCNs. 

We look forward to diving further into their TRO process with them and helping them use the suite to further their CCAV and decarbonisation ambitions.