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The night of nights! The Oscars of the parking world! The British Parking Awards are back and we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that AppyWay along with our visionary founder Dan Hubert, have been named finalists in not one, not two, but 4 categories! These nominations underline AppyWay’s dedication to transforming and decarbonising urban parking and mobility through technology-driven solutions, while also honoring Dan’s exceptional contributions to the industry.

TfL Freight Lab – Parking Partnerships

AppyWay’s commitment to enhancing and decarbonising freight operations is being acknowledged in the Parking Partnerships category with TfL Freight Lab. In large cosmopolitan areas like London, managing freight and delivery vehicles is a complex task. AppyWay’s innovative solution with TfL streamlines this process by fostering stronger collaboration between local authorities, businesses, and logistics providers. The solution provides freight with a real-time view of availability at loading bays on TfL routes. Real-time information enables fleets to optimise their operations, in turn reducing mileage, reducing congestion, and improving air quality. For TfL, the solution provides the insights they need to effectively monitor and manage their bays.  The nomination highlights our dedication to easing congestion, reducing emissions, and optimising urban logistics via real-time loading bay data and monitoring. 

AppyParking+ and the Blue Badge Toggle – Parking Technology

In the Parking Technology category, AppyWay’s groundbreaking driver app, AppyParking+, is being recognised. This solution goes beyond traditional parking apps by providing an unparalleled view of kerbside access for blue badge holders. The blue badge toggle feature allows users to easily find and access parking spaces tailored to their needs, across the whole kerbside, not just in blue badge bays. This nomination reinforces AppyWay’s vision of creating a connected and equitable parking ecosystem.

Watch the toggle in action 👇

The Parking Platform™ – Parking Technology

AppyWay’s influence in the parking technology realm is further underscored by the nomination for our The Parking Platform™. From real-time parking availability data and smart payment options to EVCP integrations, tariff management and traffic order management, The Parking Platform™ simplifies the parking experience for drivers while providing data-driven insights for authorities to develop, manage and monitor on-street parking. The Parking Platform nomination reinforces AppyWay’s role as a trailblazer in modernising parking and improving experiences for councils and drivers alike.

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Dan Hubert – Parking Person of the Year

We are also excited to celebrate Dan Hubert’s recognition as a finalist for the Parking Person of the Year Award. Dan’s visionary leadership and dedication to reshaping the parking landscape have been instrumental in building AppyWay to what it is today, an organisation dedicated to decarbonising cities from the kerb up. His forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation have had a profound impact on the parking industry at a local, national and international level. 

In the lead-up to the awards ceremony on the 25th September, we will be keeping our fingers and toes crossed that that these projects and people come home with some lovely British Pakting Awards trophies! 

A massive thank you to the judges for shortlisting us and best of luck to the other finalists!