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Life’s a beach when you move to Traffic Suite! Welcome aboard to our newest Traffic Suite customer, Blackpool Council! 

Blackpool adopted Traffic Suite to drive efficiencies within their traffic order management process and speed up the implementation of schemes that benefit residents, businesses and visitors to Blackpool. 

Previously using a text-based approach, the council will reap the benefits of AppyWay’s digital, map-based solution. A transformation from text-based to digital map-based TROs ensures Blackpool’s traffic order data is standardised in readiness for the future DfT TRO data model. We have committed to all of our local authority partners that, when finalised, we will convert their traffic order data into the DfT standard at no additional cost. Our Traffic Suite was built on the very basis of traffic data being standardised and we remain committed to this approach. 

Blackpool as seen through Traffic Suite

Soon to be operational with the suite, Blackpool is seeking to drive a number of efficiencies at every stage of their traffic order process. The council will be using Mapper, to draft, amend and make traffic orders at speed and Engagement will empower them with an open, transparent resident consultation process. The suite will be putting the council on the front foot for tackling their most pressing kerbside challenges.

It’s been a pleasure (beach 😉) having Blackpool onboard and we look forward to them realising even more benefits from the AppyWay Traffic Suite.