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‘Appy days ahead for Sutton Council!


Sutton has recently procured our traffic order management solution, Traffic Suite to help their TMO management process.

By switching to AppyWay the council has already made cost-saving efficiencies and has the potential to derive further benefits from using some of the other functions of the Traffic Suite such as the Engagement module for resident consultation.

Sutton’s use of AppyWay’s digital, map-based solution Traffic Suite will continue to provide them with a robust Traffic Order Inventory system with the option to add other functions to it over the term of their contract with us.

Sutton as seen through Traffic Suite

The suite will also ensure the council’s traffic order data continues to be kept up-to-date, secure and readily accessible to internal and external stakeholders via the Streets platform. This will help the council as a whole to make data-led decisions, and draft, make and deal with any enquiries into the traffic order process with static and moving traffic orders. 

We look forward to continuing our work with Sutton, helping them to realise further cost and time-saving efficiencies throughout their entire TMO process. 

A big ‘Appy welcome to Sutton!