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Imagine parking that works for everyone. Parking that keeps residents happy. That gets more cars off congested roads. And shoppers back on our high streets.
Imagine drivers finding spaces faster. Then parking there longer. Imagine increased efficiency despite dwindling operating budgets. Thriving city centres.
Imagine rich parking asset data that informs smarter decisions.
Imagine meeting all your requirements rather than watching them compete.
Welcome to our suite of smart parking solutions.
Smart Parking Sensor-enabled Solution Software for Businesses and Local Authorities

Transform your
parking spaces

Transform your parking spaces into insight-rich assets with infrared and magnetometer bay sensors which detect when vehicles park.

Real-time availability

Drivers spend nearly four days each year searching for a place to park. Sensors show real-time availability through an API or our app. Saving time. Cutting mileage. Reducing congestion.

Easy deployment

With our exclusive partnership with Nwave, our solutions deploy the world's most advanced, bluetooth enabled, low-profile surface mounted parking sensors. Quick and easy to install, they are connected by a Wireless Low Power Wide Area Network which is powerful and cost-effective.

One Click Payments

Low-energy Bluetooth capability means parking sessions start and end automatically as a vehicle enters and leaves the space. Syncing sensors with the driver’s app allows one-click payments, proven to lead to longer parking sessions with added revenue.

EV bay management

Take back control of your EV bays. By regulating which vehicles park where, sensors ensure only EV vehicles that need charging can use these premium spaces.

Disabled bay management

Understanding how your area’s accessible bays are used informs future planning and smarter decisions. Sensors also make sure the right vehicles find these specialist spaces easily.

Off-street car parks

Say hello to a more efficient use of your off-street assets. Drive up occupancy. Increase session length. Enjoy more cars off the road for longer – with the associated extra revenue.
Harrogate real-time parking occupancy data dashboard

Insights. Turning
information into impact.

Insights, our analytics tool, visualises and combines your solution data into meaningful information. Arming you with the facts and trends that drives smarter decisions.

Smart City Parking

See how we’re helping Harrogate thrive from the kerb up with our world-first Smart City Parking solution

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Intelligent Parking – Smart City Parking in Harrogate

With our world-leading and award-winning Smart City Parking (SCP) scheme residents and visitors to Harrogate are benefiting from real-time availability and seamless pay-as-you-go payments via the AppyParking mobile app.

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What They’re Saying

We want to make parking easier and more convenient for people, as well as providing a parking solution that helps encourage people to visit Harrogate town centre. This is not only the first of its kind in Yorkshire but the UK as well.

Phil IrelandHarrogate Borough Councillor

We shall look to see which particular parking spaces are best used. This is data we wouldn’t have had before. Information about where people prefer to park is of course vital to us as we plan our future parking strategy.

Don MacKenzieNorth Yorkshire County Councillor

Sensor Enabled Solutions

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Smart parking solutions transform parking bays into data-rich, revenue-growing assets. Get in touch and let’s discover the potential for your city.