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This app has the potential to save Pimlico Plumbers £100,000 a year. It will also improve efficiency and save time, all of which will benefit the service we provide to our customers.

Charlie Mullins
Chief Executive and Founder of Pimlico Plumbers


Pimlico Plumbers is a London-based plumbing firm established in 1979. It is London’s largest independent plumbing company.


Pimlico Plumbers were wasting between 20-30 minutes looking for a parking space. They would receive 4-5 parking tickets a day due to lack of availability and would guess the length of time required for a job, sometimes paying for 4-5 hours when the job only took 1. This unnecessary time and cost put stress on the drivers and the company finances.

Product Solutions

One-click Parking

In July 2015 AppyWay teamed up with Vodafone drivexone to create the world’s first “One Click Parking” solution. Using a combination of M2M dongles and our mobile app we enabled drivers to find available spaces quickly and easily, start a parking session with one click and only pay for the minutes parked.

AppyParking mobile app One-click payment solutions

One-Click parking from AppyParking app

AppyParking Mobile App

We installed dongles into the diagnostics ports across the fleet, enabling the vehicles to become connected to the internet. The drivers use our app to start the session with one click. Once the drivers have completed their jobs, they simply hop in the car and drive away. The vehicles detect a key in the ignition and a certain distance travelled and the session ends automatically. Drivers then receive a notification with the details of their stay.

Satisfied Pimlico drivers using the AppyParking app

Partnership Stories

Connected Payments with Pimlico Plumbers

This type of thing is the future. Being able to select your parking space before you leave home is the way forward.

Neil GriegDirector of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists


Time Saved

Our solution helped reduce average time spent looking and paying for parking from 20 minutes to 30 seconds.

Cost Efficiency

Pimlico Plumbers save money as drivers only pay for the time they are parked.

Driver Experience

Our integrated solution enhances the user experience, leading to happier, less stressed drivers.

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