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Digital Traffic Regulation Orders are an important aspect in highways management and will support Cambridgeshire’s growth in the future. By employing a Digital First approach to the management of Traffic Orders we have identified and realised savings in both time and cost for us as a Highways Authority.

Andi Caddy
Highways Engineer, Cambridgeshire County Council


Engaging local residents and businesses on transport policy or changes to Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) is a challenge local authorities share. The process for TRO changes can be particularly laborious, with the requirements to present schemes for public consultation often taking the most time and effort for the teams involved.


As demands on the kerb increase with the advent of new mobility services and the pressures of continued urbanisation, most local authorities are facing a future where they will need to enact more TRO initiatives to better manage their kerbside infrastructure.

Cambridgeshire County Council are leading the Connecting Cambridgeshire partnership programme and are a key stakeholder within the Smart Cambridge initiative, which is looking at how data, emerging technology and digital connectivity can be used to transform the way people live, work and travel in the Greater Cambridge area.

Within this context, they are embracing innovative solutions as they aim to better facilitate kerbside management in a digital and connected world.

Product Solutions

Engaging Innovation

With support and funding from Innovate UK, we have developed the world’s first integrated solution for digital traffic orders and open, standardised kerbside data and Cambridgeshire County Council were a key partner authority helping guide development and add real-world value to the project.

Mapper, has been specifically designed to address the challenges local authorities face today, not only helping improve engagement with their residents, but also unlocking the data that will enable the mobility solutions of the future:

– Alliance of Parking Data Standards (APDS) ready
– Accessible public portal and mobility APIs

Mapper is the interface local authorities need to digitally manage Traffic Regulation Orders and provide open access to standardised kerbside data. It is a web hosted solution that simplifies processes with intuitive tools, enabling local authorities to significantly reduce the time and cost usually associated with creating or editing TROs.

Thanks to these features, once schemes have been drawn up, officers at local authorities can publish proposals to our public consultation with a click of their mouse.

Mapper provides open access to standardised kerbside data

A world first for public engagement

The data platform that powers Mapper allows proposed TROs to be seamlessly and instantly published via our industry leading Public Consultation Portal, which was also developed with Innovate UK funding. The way it facilitates this, with no additional formatting or manipulation required represents a world-first for traffic orders.

Cambridgeshire are the first authority to create a scheme from start to finish with Mapper. Having built the Benson North Residents Parking Scheme in Mapper and pushed it to public consultation. A link to the public consultation portal can be found on their website and has been pushed out via their social channels. The public are able to view the entire scheme via a user friendly and publically understood map and provide feedback to their authority.

Once TRO changes complete public consultation and are ratified, the data is immediately reflected in the AppyParking mobile app, which is free to download and allows motorists and the general public to understand where they can and can’t park on-street in over 200 UK towns and cities.

The AppyParking mobile app is trusted by over 200,000 UK users, including many fleet and delivery drivers, including Pimlico Plumbers and Leasys.

Mapper our (TRO) Traffic Order Management Software for Local Authorities

Cambridgeshire are the first authority to create a scheme from start to finish with Mapper

We are involved in this project to help support the innovative ideas we are deploying in Cambridgeshire, that all rely on high-quality digital TRO data. This is an important requirement for future parking management and we are pleased to be helping make sure the service meets our needs.

Daniel ClarkeSmart Cities Programme Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council
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