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Imagine providing enhanced car park experiences for your customers whilst also unlocking digital insights that help you optimize your car parking assets?
Imagine being able to digitise and connect your car park to a mobility platform that can help drivers find spaces faster and park there longer.
At AppyWay, we’re obsessed with building solutions that deliver real benefits for all of us that need to find parking and operators like you who provide it.
Smart Car Park Software Dashboard showing Parking insights

Smart Car Park Solutions

Transform your parking spaces into insight-rich assets with infrared and magnetometer bay sensors which detect when vehicles park.

Real-time availability

Drivers spend nearly four days each year searching for a place to park. Sensors show real-time availability of your car park through an API or our app, helping drivers save time finding and driving to your site.

EV bay management

Improve visibility of the EV bays within your site via our platform, so drivers know where they can charge and when the bays are available. Understand their utilisation and realise additional revenue from this premium service.

One Click Payments

Our world-leading frictionless payments solution. By offering One Click Parking™ in your car park, you can reduce driver stress and wasted time. The result? Longer visitor stays, customer loyalty and raised parking revenues.

Specialised bay management

More easily introduce and manage bays for drivers with accessibility requirements and those provided specifically for services like car-sharing or car rental.

Seamless ANPR integration

We’re able to sync with ANPR systems so users of our mobile app can enter and exit your car park seamlessly, providing industry leading experiences for your customers.

Vehicle counting & VMS

Our sensors can also be configured to count vehicle entry and exit, with integrations available for VMS units across your car park to further improve the customer experience.
Arm Car Parking data and insights dashboard

Insights. Turning
information into impact.

Insights, our analytics tool, visualises and combines your solution data into meaningful information. Arming you with the facts and trends that drives smarter decisions.

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