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Why is our Traffic Order Management Suite the best option for Local Authorities

See how our solutions compare to other TRO management systems used in the UK and why you should make the change.

How does our Traffic Suite compare to other solutions

See for yourself why we’re revolutionising TRO Management in the UK.

There are no excuses to not get your Council ahead of the kerb with the most innovative Traffic Order Management solutions. Whether you’re doing manual, text-based orders or using some other system, there is a much better way to manage your traffic orders. See how!

AppyWay Traffic Suite

Highly intuitive digitised, map-based system built with the user at its core. A faster, more streamlined traffic order process with an output of accurate, APDS ready, easy to share and understand traffic order data.





Other TRO systems

Aging software with a clunky user interface and poor user experience. Drafting is cumbersome and processing times are long. The data output is neither machine or human readable and is not standardised.

Text-based solutions

Lengthy, outdated process not suitable for a digital first world. Processes include lots of duplication of work and feature data inaccuracies. The data output is not easily understood and it not standardised.


AppyWay is 75% faster

than our previous process

Andrew Bourke, Haringey Council

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Collaboration features

Capability AppyWay (Digitised TROs/TMOs) Other systems (Map-based orders) No system (Paper-based)
Fully cloud-based
Remote access for all teams. Work from anywhere
No reliance on third party software
Quick access for all teams, without lengthy set-up
Tailored user access level
Access relevant to each member of the team
Audit trails
A timestamped record of all changes made
Read only licences to share
Share up-to-date data views with relevant teams
Integrated with enforcement systems
Enable smarter enforcement in your authority
Integrated with suspensions systems
Keep suspension records in sync with TROs/TMOs
Able to download & share data instantly
Export GIS or CSV data at any time
Integrated with charge point operators
Manage charging locations and tariffs

Driving efficiencies

Capability AppyWay (Digitised TROs/TMOs) Other systems (Map-based orders) No system (Paper-based)
Manage all traffic order restriction details
Digital records of all restriction details
Map-based schedules
Create and manage map-based traffic orders
Automated schedule generation
Remote access for all teams. Work from anywhere
Bulk attribution updating
Update hundreds of restrictions in one action
Updated basemap stack
Latest basemaps displayed automatically
Complete control of all document templates
All documents are controlled by the authority
Satellite views
Contextualise restrictions with satellite imagery
Street views
Open Mapper location in Google Streetview to verify onstreet details
Reports and statistics of consultation results
Enables data driven consultation reviews


Capability AppyWay (Digitised TROs/TMOs) Other systems (Map-based orders) No system (Paper-based)
Training hub - Unlimited access
Online training videos and guides to all TRO/TMO tasks
All upgrades included seamlessly, latest version guaranteed
Get new features as they are available
Alternative data migration options
No need for expensive surveys, we work with any data
Support on hand at no extra cost
AppyWay team will repsond within 2 hours

Public Access

Capability AppyWay (Digitised TROs/TMOs) Other systems (Map-based orders) No system (Paper-based)
Online consultation
Share and encourage feedback from stakeholders and residents
Reports and statistics of consultation results
Enables data driven consultation reviews
Mobile accessible consultations
Allow residents to access the info they need anywhere
Publicly accessible map view of restrictions
Mobile access to all active traffic orders
Staff and residents can view restrictions while on the move
Suggestions for kerbside infrastructure
Collate and manage suggestions from the public for kerbside infrastructure (i.e. electric vehicle charge points).

DfT Future Proofing

Capability AppyWay (Digitised TROs/TMOs) Other systems (Map-based orders) No system (Paper-based)
Ready for DfT TRO DM
Data structure is ready for new Department for Transportation digital TRO/TMO guidance
Machine readable data
TRO/TMO data can be easily shared with other tools and systems
Data validation embedded into workflow
Ensures dataset is complete
Standardised format across all local authorities
One format for all customers

Smarter Mobility

Capability AppyWay (Digitised TROs/TMOs) Other systems (Map-based orders) No system (Paper-based)
Share data directly with visitors and tourists
Parking data available in a mobile app for drivers
Share data directly with field service and utility drivers
Reduce circling for parking, leading to fewer emissions
Share data directly with delivery plannners for route optimisation
Data shared with planners for more efficient services in your borough
Optimise your EV charge installation

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Dorset’s digital transformation

Dorset Council adopted AppyWay’s traffic suite to stay on top of the continuously evolving demands of a county whose needs vary vastly in each town, village and parish. By making traffic orders fast, open and efficient, they have increased their capacity to deliver change authority wide.

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