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We’re partnering with FLS – FAST LEAN SMART!


FLS is a cutting-edge scheduling and route optimisation technology company specialising in real-time data for mobile workforce planning and field service control. Together we will work to ease the pain of parking across your field operations.

This partnership brings together our kerbside expertise and detailed, UK-wide parking restriction data, available via desktop, app and API, with FLS’ world-leading route planning and workforce scheduling algorithm to create an exciting offering for fleets looking to further optimise their journeys and reduce costs. The result of our partnership is a powerful blend of technologies that will enable businesses to make real-time data-driven decisions that create a dramatic reduction in mileage, parking fines and costs, plus more accurate ETAs and a decrease in job abortion rates.

Detailed parking restriction information in desktop format

AppyWay is a firm believer that journeys are never A to B, they are in fact A to P, P for parking that is. When a technician lacks a clear understanding of parking restrictions at their job location they can run into delays, encounter confusing signage, or walk further than needed carrying heavy tools and supplies. Through our partnership with FLS we aim to put these parking superpowers into the hands of more field service operators across the country, leading to smoother, more efficient operations.

Smoother journeys, happier technicians, and happier customers

Dan Hubert, Founder & CEO of AppyWay adds,

I’m thrilled that AppyWay has partnered with FLS – FAST LEAN SMART, empowering more operators with the kerbside data they need to reduce overall costs in addition to creating happier technicians and happier customers. With FLS’ unparalleled expertise in workforce management and field scheduling automation and Appy’s market-leading kerbside data, we can provide fleets with the tools and data they need to optimise journeys down to the last metre. We look forward to working closely with FLS and their customers.

Simon Spriggs, FLS UK Partnerships Manager noted,

Teaming up with AppyWay means we can provide field forces with another valuable element of planning accuracy. Sharing our joint technical expertise gives customers powerful solutions to growing problems. Dynamic scheduling creates operational and cost transparency, and at the same time enhances technician welfare and customer service through reduced driver fatigue and an improved opportunity for a first-time fix.