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Traffic orders enable so much more than managing parking/loading at the kerbside.  They are an enabler for economic growth and decarbonisation.

Lambeth’s kerbside strategy is a great example of how digitising traffic orders can help shape strategy and monitor progress towards a more sustainable and decarbonised transport network.  Lambeth has used their knowledge and data to better understand how the kerbside is allocated.

With Lambeth’s restrictions now mapped and entirely digitised by AppyWay in Traffic Suite, the monitoring of Lambeth’s kerbside assets will be far more straightforward – measuring progress towards the target of 25% sustainable kerbside will be a couple of clicks away – significantly reducing the effort required in manually counting/interpreting records.

London Borough of Lambeth in Traffic Suite

Traffic Suite‘s inbuilt reporting capabilities enable authorities to monitor how their kerbside asset is being allocated.  By better understanding their kerbside asset via their data in Traffic Suite, Lambeth will be able to monitor existing usage and better identify areas where the kerbside can be reallocated to more sustainable and active modes of mobility.