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In the dynamic world of traffic management, agility and scalability are paramount. While both AppyWay’s Traffic Suite and competitor offerings operate in the cloud, a crucial distinction sets them apart – the underlying architectural approach. Understanding this difference is key to selecting the solution that empowers optimal performance and future-proof adaptability.

Decoding the Nuance

  • Cloud-based: Imagine renting a pre-built office within a cloud skyscraper. You access the building’s services, but the layout and infrastructure remain fixed. Cloud-based applications often represent legacy systems simply migrated to the cloud, retaining inherent limitations.
  • Cloud-native: Picture owning a custom-built office suite designed for ultimate cloud utilisation. Every element, from individual workspaces to secure access protocols, is crafted to leverage the cloud’s inherent elasticity, scalability, and agility.

Operational Advantages

AppyWay’s Traffic Suite embraces the cloud-native philosophy, translating into several key benefits:

  • Cost-effective Scaling: Cloud-native architecture allows instant, on-demand scaling, optimising resource utilisation and reducing costs. Legacy systems often struggle with rigid scalability, leading to either overprovisioning or performance bottlenecks. This keeps infrastructure costs low and allows us to keep our pricing model transparent.
  • Simplified Management and Deployment: Ditch the software installations and IT headaches. Our cloud-based platform lets you jump right into managing traffic orders, with automatic updates taking care of everything behind the scenes. Effortlessly draft and share data thanks to our unified ecosystem of integrated services. Plus, our real-time notification system keeps everyone in the loop, ensuring everyone’s always working with the latest, most accurate data.
  • Enhanced Security Compliance: Security is a paramount concern for councils and an intrinsic element of AppyWay’s cloud-native platform. Continuous updates, shared responsibility with Microsoft Azure, and granular access control ensure robust protection, exceeding industry compliance standards. Legacy systems, with bolted-on security measures, might leave vulnerabilities exposed.
  • Unified Monitoring and Analytics: AppyWay’s cloud-native platform provides real-time, comprehensive insights into every aspect of the traffic management system. This holistic view facilitates data-driven decision-making and proactive issue resolution. Legacy systems often offer siloed monitoring, hindering clear and actionable analysis.
  • Accessibility Without Compromise: While other TRO management systems advertise “cloud-based” access, it often comes with hidden hurdles. Legacy systems frequently require installing software like Citrix Receiver, adding an extra layer of complexity and dependence on local IT infrastructure. This not only creates installation and maintenance headaches but also restricts access to devices that don’t support the software. AppyWay’s Traffic Suite, on the other hand, is truly web-enabled. Access our platform from any device with a web browser, anywhere in the world.

Traffic Suite, D-TRO management with cloud-native design

Invest in Your Future

Embrace the future of traffic management with AppyWay’s Traffic Suite. Our cloud-native design unlocks unparalleled agility, scalability, security, and performance, empowering you to conquer the ever-shifting landscape with confidence. Ditch the “rented office” of legacy software and step into a custom-built, high-performance suite designed for seamless cloud operation.