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Hi there 👋

It’s Dan Hubert here, Founder & CEO of AppyWay. The UK government has announced a new digital transformation strategy that will revolutionise the parking industry and AppyWay is leading the charge. At this exciting moment in time, I invite you to become a shareholder in AppyWay, home of AppyParking+.

Ten years ago I had a bad parking experience, shared by 40 million drivers across the UK, and it inspired my mission to Make Parking Forgettable™.

To bring this to life I built a 40-strong company full of incredibly passionate people who work tirelessly with the public and private sectors. Today, the team have built a big data platform that brings together cashless payments, granular parking maps and occupancy data, which are already transforming UK cities. 

I’m proud to say that AppyWay is now the world’s most-awarded digital kerbside management platform with a vision to decarbonise cities from the kerb up. The kerb, a once analogue asset, has now been transformed into a powerful digital layer and is poised for the next phase of expansion across the country and beyond, thanks to the new government digital roads strategy.

🚀 Why Invest in AppyWay?

🏆 We’re Europe’s leading digital kerbside management platform helping local authorities across the UK digitally transform their on-street parking and loading assets, otherwise known as ‘the kerb’. From Dublin, Edinburgh, Lambeth, to Cornwall, we’re empowering all types of authorities to implement greener and cleaner kerbside strategies through the power of data.

🏆  Our driver app, AppyParking+ is the the only app on the market to help drivers plan ahead, park smarter and pay less. You heard right! We’re the only company that has mapped on-street parking across 500 UK towns and cities. It can even help blue badge holders find more convenient areas to park along the whole kerb, beyond allocated disabled bays.

📈 Recent legislation announcements from the government about Digital Roads mean that all authorities have to get on board. The good news is that for the past decade, we’ve been busy building our technology for this very moment in time. Our unique platform is now strategically positioned to take advantage of this digital revolution and scale across the UK and beyond.

🏆 As well as a flurry of big public sector contracts under our belts, we have big private sector customers buying into our vision. Transport for London, Motability Operations, and Direct Line Group to name a few.

🔗 How to Participate:

Don’t miss the chance to be part of our mission! Visit our Crowdcube page to learn more and register your interest in investing in AppyWay 👇

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🧑‍💻 What is Crowdcube? 

Crowdcube enables investors to invest in the future, simply, safely and with confidence. Fully regulated in the UK and Europe, Crowdcube is dedicated to offering investment opportunities in carefully selected mission-businesses. Trusted by retail to angel investors and global venture capital, you will have a seat at the table alongside them. You’ll receive direct updates from the companies you love and get to vote on their key decisions. Learn more here

Thank you for considering joining us on this exciting journey. Your support is invaluable as we continue to pave the way for a better-connected and decarbonised future!

Best regards,

Dan Hubert
Founder & CEO
AppyWay, home of AppyParking+