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We’re thrilled to be part of an exciting initiative led by UrbanTide aimed at encouraging active travel in Scotland! 

The consortium supported by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency and in partnership with Sustrans and Cycling Scotland, are collaborating on a data exchange. The group is committed to addressing critical challenges in sustainable transport solutions. 

So what are the aims of the consortium and the data exchange? 

🔍 Breaking Barriers: Our mission involves understanding and unlocking complex data-sharing barriers, paving the way for seamless collaboration.

📊 AI-Ready Standards: We are dedicated to developing and establishing common data standards, ensuring they are ready for AI applications.

🤝 Trust and Vision: Fostering trust through secure data-sharing frameworks, we aim to promote a shared vision for sustainable transport solutions.

The project will showcase the integration of AppyWay’s intelligent kerbside management systems with UrbanTide’s uMove real-time transport platform. This collaboration aims to enhance the exchange of multimodal data and real-time analytics, illustrating how data exchange can empower active travel and sustainable transport solutions. The ultimate goal is to reduce reliance on private cars, encourage public transport use, and mitigate the impacts of on-street parking.

🛠️ Interactive Workshops: The consortium will develop a series of interactive workshops designed to assist local authorities and their partners in adopting more effective and efficient operational strategies. Our focus is on facilitating the decarbonization of transportation networks and aligning infrastructure with the urgent needs for sustainability and net-zero targets.

Curious to learn more? Reach out to us today and discover how AppyWay and UrbanTide are making data AI-ready, contributing to AI for Good, and actively shaping the future of sustainable transport!