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The Parking Platform™ powered by AppyWay announces market-ready offering to support the NPP

  • The Parking Platform™ powered by AppyWay is the latest product released from Europe’s leading provider helping local authorities, car parks and EV charge point operators gain digital control of their physical assets.
  • The Department of Transport is developing a technology hub called the NPP that will create a centralised portal for managing and accessing on-street and off-street parking across the UK. 
  • Since 2013, AppyWay has championed the vision of a digitised, centralised and standardised data set providing all stakeholders with optimisation and decarbonisation opportunities

Wednesday 31st May 2023, London, UK, Europe’s award-winning provider of net-zero kerbside management and smart parking solutions, has today announced its support of the NPP using The Parking Platform™ powered by AppyWay. The Parking Platform™ is AppWay’s third product offering that sits alongside Traffic Suite and AppyParking+. Traffic Suite speeds up the end-to-end TRO digitisation, consultation and management by 75%. AppyParking+ displays AppyWay’s Kerbside API with over 21,000km of London’s restricted kerbside to help motorists and fleets optimise and decarbonise every journey.

The Parking Platform™ powered by AppyWay takes an agnostic approach uniting all stakeholders and partners to build mutual value and efficiencies within the public and private parking and mobility ecosystem. AppyWay has been an active supporter of the Department of Transport data discovery projects. Preceding the inception of the NPP, AppyWay has helped influence several reports on the requirements for a digital-first solution. The Parking Platform™ will work with all industry-recognised and emerging data models including the APDS, TRO-DD and TN-ITS.

The Parking Platform™ is a back office integration software that works for both on-street and off-street parking across the public and private sector. Capabilities include multi-vendor parking payments and reconciliation. EV charging software. Insights dashboards showing historical and real-time occupancy from on or off-street parking. Revenue insights and third-party transaction reporting from 3rd party mobile and parking machines. Powerful integration tools enable the pulling of 3rd party data and the pushing of authoritative data into fleets, logistics and motorists.

Tariffs and hours of operation have previously been notoriously difficult to standardise across the UK. Car parks have endless permit types and variations of on and off peak hours. The lack of digital TROs and data standards for on-street has meant that there are over 200,000 possible restriction and tariff combinations dotted along the UK’s kerbside, The Parking Platform™ cost calculator has made sense of every edge case across 500+ town and cities, uniting on and off street for the first time, allowing motorists to search for the cheapest or nearest at any point in time.

AppyWay founder Dan Hubert says,

The UK’s fragmented industry has caused local authorities and motorists unnecessary environmental and economical pain for decades. AppyWay was founded on the premise to unite this fragmented world and help create more livable and breathable cities. The Parking Platform™ can act as an immediate remedy and fully supports the DfT plans for a digitally United Kingdom.

The Parking Platform™ already works with EV charge point operators, barrier systems, ANPR cameras for intelligent enforcement and seamless car park barriers entry. As a result, AppyWay’s long-standing local authority partners including Harrogate, Coventry and Dundee have been seeing back-office efficiencies and improved customer-centric services.

The open market for cashless payments could potentially cause more admin burden for parking managers who will have to liaise with several cashless apps when tariff and operational hours are adjusted. AppyWay’s digital traffic order management suite, Traffic Suite, acts as the ledger of truth within local authorities and pushes data into The Parking Platfom™, allowing parking managers to automatically update all suppliers with a click of a button.

In conclusion, The Parking Platform™ powered by AppyWay is a game-changing solution for the parking industry. Its capabilities in digitising, centralising, and standardising data sets will provide numerous optimisation and decarbonisation opportunities for local authorities, car parks, and EV charge point operators across the UK.