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It’s been an ‘Appy week for us here at AppyWay, we’ve attended two events, spoken at both and had an excellent feature on Britain’s Parking Hell. To cap off an already fantastic week, the finalists for the British Parking Awards have been announced and we’re excited to say that we are nominated for not one, not two, but three awards! These awards are regarded as the pinnacle of parking awards in Britain and to be nominated for three awards proves the work we are doing with our local authority partners is making a difference in British towns and consistently impresses our peers in the industry.

The three awards we have been shortlisted for are:

Smart City Parking in Harrogate 

To highlight a few of the achievements that have driven these successful submissions you only have to turn to the statistics coming out of our Smart City Parking (SCP) scheme in Harrogate a year on from its launch. The scheme has a number of game-changing features including real-time availability of parking and frictionless payments with our One-Click Parking™ technology. These features have shown that compared to traditional pay and display machines:

  • 67% of users report using AppyParking is less stressful than displaying a ticket
  • 87% find AppyParking more convenient
  • 39% said they stayed longer in Harrogate as they didn’t worry about their ticket expiring

And with real-time availability within the AppyParking mobile app, 21% of users report that the SCP solution in Harrogate is helping them save time finding a parking space.

We’re all about thriving high streets, so it gives us great pleasure to report that in addition to the ease and convenience benefits that drivers report, we are also having a direct impact on residents and visitors staying in Harrogate for longer. Following a full year of operation, quantitative results show that on average, users of AppyParking are staying longer in the town when compared to those using existing pay & display parking. To learn more about the results from Harrogate you can sign up to our newsletter and receive the SCP Harrogate annual report straight to your inbox.

Future Ready Traffic Orders 

It’s not just Harrogate having all the fun, so are our local authority partners who helped us deliver the Future Ready Traffic Orders submission. The solution, otherwise known as Mapper, required the partners to participate in hands-on experience and real-world testing of the solution through a number of workshops. The invaluable feedback provided by Cambridgeshire County Council, Coventry City Council, and Milton Keynes Council helped shape the traffic order management solution to meet the immediate needs of local authority Highways and Parking teams, whilst ensuring the product is fit for the future. 

For many authorities, traffic orders consume a significant amount of time and money to create, consult, and publish. In a final report from Innovate UK, the partners and Innovate UK recorded time and cost savings of up to 83% when compared with current traffic order processes. Such a time saving will transform the way local authorities manage traffic orders, enabling more proactive policies to be pursued and helping improve the way the parking industry works as a whole. 

The tool is already exciting local authorities around the UK with our first authority customer to be announced soon… 

The awards are on the 6th March, so watch this space as the winners are revealed!