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  • Morrison Energy Services and AppyWay are reducing parking woes in the capital for Morrison’s field technicians through the AppyWay mobile app 
  • The app provides an accurate, quick and simple view of all on-street and off-street parking bays across the London area 
  • By supporting their field technicians and helping to get them to their destination with minimum delay, Morrison’s are improving the service their clients and customers receive

London, UK, Monday 14th June 2021, smart parking and mobility technology specialist AppyWay and Morrison Energy Services, a part of M Group Services, have joined forces to provide its London-based Smart Metering teams with enhanced, real-time parking information.

Using specific search criteria (location, start time, and duration), the AppyWay app is delivering new efficiencies and an enhanced customer experience by enabling Morrison Energy Services Smart Metering Field Technicians to see a real-time view of all on-street and off-street parking bays across the London area.  

Morrison Energy Services carries out tens of thousands of Smart Metering home installation visits across the UK every year.

For these teams, locating available parking spaces around customer premises in London’s often congested streets is an everyday challenge. Unavailable or restricted parking can potentially lead to a poor customer experience as appointments are delayed or even rescheduled. Lengthy searches for available parking spaces can also have an environmental impact, with wasted miles resulting in unnecessary fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

The AppyWay app is providing Morrison Energy Services’ London-based Smart Metering team with an accurate, quick and simple view of all parking options across the city. The information provided includes resident bay restricted hours, single yellow line restricted hours and paid bay maximum stay limits, ensuring that parking has become a pre-planned activity rather than an end of journey inconvenience. 

AppyWay mobile app


Jamie Morris, Field Operations Manager, Morrison Energy Services commented:

We are continually reviewing ways to improve our service to clients and their customers by supporting our field technicians and helping to get them to their destination with minimum delay. Parking, particularly in London, is a huge challenge for our technicians and is too often the cause of an abortive visit that then needs to be rescheduled.

The AppyWay app has shown that, with the right tools, we can begin to combat this issue and drive increased first-time job success. We are looking forward to expanding the use of the app to more of our technicians and tailoring the solution to better suit our processes.

AppyWay Founder & CEO Dan Hubert adds: 

We’re thrilled to have joined forces with Morrison Energy Services to improve both field technician and customer experiences through the AppyWay mobile app.

Searching for parking in the capital costs businesses in time and money. By providing field technicians with in-depth kerbside intelligence via the app, they are able to plan their parking options in advance including the walking distance from a particular parking bay to the customers house. This intelligence enables Morrison Energy Services to reduce the amount of rescheduled appointments leading to happier technicians and happier customers.

Want to read more about our work with Morrison Energy Services? Read the case study here. For more info on the AppyWay mobile app, click here.

Or alternatively you can contact us here.