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  • Innovative home delivery firm BJS is now powering easier journeys for its drivers through AppyWay’s Parking API
  • Through the API, BJS is ensuring journeys are optimised and efficient, improving driver wellbeing and the overall customer experience
  • The company was able to quickly integrate the API into their driver app, providing drivers with kerbside intelligence almost instantly
  • The two firms intend to better understand how the integration can reduce miles driven per day and unlock broader sustainability benefits

London, UK, 29th June 2021, kerbside management and intelligent parking company AppyWay has today announced that forward-thinking home delivery firm BJS have integrated with the AppyWay Parking API. BJS, the family run delivery business that works on behalf of companies such as Made to deliver bulky items to customers’ homes, sought to improve the wellbeing for their 180 strong fleet and improve customer satisfaction through innovation.

BJS launched during the 2009 recession, has continued to thrive, grow and adapt in challenging economic climates via its adoption of tools and solutions that enable their teams to continue delivering a high quality of service even as the UK’s roads and kerbsides face changing demands in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. By integrating with the AppyWay API, BJS’ drivers can plan ahead, find parking options near their delivery location, in turn improving their wellbeing and improving the overall customer experience.

Designed for easy integration, the tech team at BJS were able to incorporate the AppyWay Parking API within their own driver app quickly and with ease. Drivers were then able to view their runsheet and plan their journey right down to the last metre, including the distance they will walk from a particular parking location to their customers’ front door.

As a fast-growing group of delivery businesses, BJS needs a smooth road to run on, which is why we invest in IT to ensure we are driven by excellence from the inside out.

explains BJS Head of IT Rana Ramnik Singh.

We’ve partnered with AppyWay to reduce some of the frustration our delivery service teams may feel in city centres. The service allows our teams to plan ahead and locate parking near to the customer’s property. Reducing frustrations, no matter how small they may be, helps our teams arrive with a smile at the customer’s doorstep!

AppyWay’s Founder & CEO Dan Hubert comments:

We’re thrilled to have BJS onboard and using our Parking API. Drivers spend on average 6 minutes searching for parking in towns and cities across the UK. For BJS drivers who make on average 26 drop offs a day, this adds up to over 2 hours of precious time wasted when they could be seeing more customers and delivering their excellent standard of customer service.

The ease with which the BJS IT team were able to integrate with our API is testament to the obsession of our product team to enable customers to realise benefits as quickly as possible with an intuitive and powerful set of APIs.

BJS Managing Director Harinder Singh adds:

Who we are as people, our values and emotional needs, shouldn’t be ignored within the world of work. There is no division in our hearts before you start work and after you sit at your desk or the cab of a truck or van.

By respecting our team and treating them with compassion and kindness they are better able to continue that conduct to the benefit of everyone they encounter, including my customers. It is what has set us apart as a business.

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