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It was interesting to hear from both of the guest speakers on the effect of the transition to digital map-based traffic orders. From a council’s perspective, it has increased the efficiency of the TMO process, and made it easier to share traffic order data to internal and external stakeholders. With respect to enforcement, the digitisation of TMO data has given enforcement teams more accurate and up to date information and helped them measure parking compliance in a more dynamic process.

It was also great to hear about the potential future developments in kerbside management such as digitally bookable loading bays, dynamic signs, digital public notices, and monitoring the utilisation of the kerbside.

Nick ScottGIS Analyst, Southwark Council

On October 12th 2022 we hosted 12 London Councils at the AppyWay offices for an afternoon of talks, discussion and knowledge sharing. The theme of the afternoon was “Empowering Stakeholders of London’s TMOs” – a look into the broad range of stakeholders of London’s TMOs, and how councils can provide greater access to traffic order data for these groups.

We were joined by Croydon, Southwark, Brent, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea, Hounslow, Barnet and more, and the group heard talks from Camille Fry, Traffic Management Orders Officer, Southwark Council, and Mark Davis, System Development Manager, TES, who discussed creating shareable traffic order data and the benefits accessible TMO data has for council partners such as ANPR and enforcement.

The group also dived into who the stakeholders are, looking beyond the usual suspects to work out who else could greatly benefit from open TMO data. 

The second half session took a look at how traffic order can be shared, what’s steps and processes are required, and what integrations and connections can help.

Watch the video and check out the pictures for all the highlights of this excellent afternoon.

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