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40 fines a day, £1million-a-year – the streets costing drivers the most on parking in London!


AppyParking+ research of London’s 32 Boroughs highlights the scale of the capital’s parking crisis after ONE street racks up more than 32,000 parking fines and £2million in revenue in TWO YEARS!

London, UK – Monday 24th October 2022: With record numbers of cars now on the road in and around London[1], parking has never been more difficult and costly for drivers. Research from smart UK parking app AppyParking+ unveiled today has identified the worst streets in London for parking, ranking the most-fined streets in the capital by number of Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) received in the past two years and finding that some are costing drivers in London more than £1million pounds per year.

The average parking fine currently costs drivers around £70 depending on the location[2], meaning misunderstanding or misinterpreting parking restrictions could result in a significant bill for drivers in the capital. AppyParking+, which helps drivers save money by finding cheaper parking and also avoid fines by clarifying restrictions on streets, reached out to all of London’s 32 Boroughs and identified the top five most heavily fined streets for each Borough to highlight the challenges and expense that face residents and visitors driving in the capital.

Through the research, AppyParking+ has calculated that some streets in London have racked up more than £1million in revenue as a result of PCNs received in the past two years, singling out one street, Mare Street, located in Hackney, as London’s most fined street for parking, receiving more than 32,000 PCNs and £2million in estimated revenue in the two-year period surveyed.

Click the video to view the top 10 most fined streets in London, while an interactive map detailing where the most fined streets in London are located, as well as information such as cost of fines to drivers, can be viewed below.

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Dan Hubert, CEO and Co-Founder of AppyParking+, commented:

Parking has become an increasingly stressful and complicated process for drivers – not knowing where is best for them to park, how long they can stay for, and also being charged significant fees for the privilege to park. This has become a significant problem for drivers in London, with certain areas racking up millions of pounds in fines each year, all at the expense of residents and visitors to the capital.

We are all looking for ways to save vital pennies amid the ongoing cost of living crisis, and parking is one area where millions are getting wasted due to a lack of clarity and understanding of restrictions. It is also an issue of wasting time and fuel whilst searching for somewhere they know they can legally park – meaning more emissions and more pollution of our streets all because we don’t know where is right to park. We wanted to highlight this problem, and create a positive conversation about how we can make parking a less stressful experience for all