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Welcome aboard to our newest Traffic Suite customer, Northumberland County Council!


Northumberland adopted the AppyWay Traffic Suite to drive efficiencies across their entire traffic order process. Currently our northern most customer, Northumberland Council is transforming traffic order management in the North East and has found time savings along the way.

Neil Snowdon, Principle Highways Programme Officer comments,

We compared the functionality of AppyWay's TRO management solution ‘Traffic Suite’ alongside our existing in-house developed solution as part of a trial. The comparative improvements in usability and time saved were clear to see and we have estimated that the Traffic Suite represents a time saving of at least 40%. We are really looking forward to continuing our work with AppyWay and using the suite in a live environment. We are sure that we will be able to enhance the Traffic Regulation service as a result.

Neil SnowdonPrinciple Highways Programme Officer

Want to learn more about how Traffic Suite can drive efficiencies across your entire static and moving order process? Find out more 👉 here.