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It’s the afternoon of afternoons, the Oscars of the parking world, the British Parking Awards are upon us. This year we submitted a handful of our most loved projects and we’re thrilled to have made the shortlist 4 times across 3 awards categories! 

Judged by our industry peers, AppyWay are finalists for: 

Parking Technology Award

AppyWay Platform​

The three questions all drivers ask are; Where can I park? Is it available? and Can I pay? These questions are becoming even more important as the electric vehicle revolution takes to our streets with EV drivers looking for on-street charging. Unfortunately the current analogue nature of on-street parking management hinders access to towns and cities. 

Better journeys – true A to B journeys – are not being delivered due to a lack of integrated data from the public and private sectors. This missing destination data at the kerbside is causing a raft of issues. It’s causing drivers to travel more miles creating a loss of time and money whilst increasing congestion and emissions, it’s impeding the roll out of EV charge points and active travel initiatives, and it’s overall creating a poor city experience. 

The approach to local authority parking management and enforcement has historically been lacking in digital solutions causing very disjointed operations, working silos – neither sharing knowledge or data. 

The AppyWay platform, including the driver app AppyParking+ was built to address the challenges. From mapping (traffic order management) to IoT and Payments, the AppyWay platform unlocks powerful solutions for the public and private sector that dramatically improves journeys and unlocks the kerbside for decarbonisation and net-zero initiatives. 

Parking Technology Award

Traffic Suite: Open TRO data in Haringey​

Haringey’s traffic order process lacked flexibility and speed, hindering their ability to enact meaningful change across the borough. The council found their text-based process stressful. It was creating a backlog of work and they found the process created a lot of duplication. 

Eager to effectively map council held information and open their traffic order data to internal and external stakeholders, Haringey reached out to AppyWay to adopt their streamlined, digitised, map-based moving and static orders management solution, Traffic Suite.

Digitised, standardised traffic orders have also enabled Haringey Council to harness the power of machine-readable, shareable traffic order information. The data is now much more accessible across the council and for residents, and is available to fleets, driver apps and connected and autonomous vehicles via API.

The Traffic Suite has benefited my team and the council overall by enabling the data to be shared more easily. It's more accessible across all of the council and it's also accessible by external companies who may want to use the traffic order data to improve journeys across the borough.

Andrew BourkeParking Scheme Manager, Haringey Council
EV charging in Dundee

UEone charge points in Dundee

Parking Partnerships Award

Transforming EV parking in Dundee

The Mobility Innovation Living Laboratory (The MILL) is an innovation centre aiming to establish Dundee as a real-life test and experimentation environment for smart mobility solutions.

The first set of projects to be run by The MILL and will be collectively called ShareMORE (Shared Mobility and Resource Efficiency). ShareMORE projects will support the live trial, testing and refinement of innovative products, technologies or services across 5 challenge areas. 

Atkins and AppyParking proposed a Smart City Parking solution that gives drivers the ability to:

  • Navigate directly to available bays & visualise capacity of parking across the city in real time
  • Understand clearly the pricing for parking in each location & effortlessly pay only for the minutes parked 
  • One-click capability & 1019 bays (Nwave Sensors)

The solution also has the potential to provide Dundee City Council with:

  • Real time data on bay availability, overstay & payments
  • Historic data to analyse trends in payments, overstay and availability
  • An effective method of identifying parking contraventions on Paid Bays and a simple method for checking valid parking sessions through an enforcement officer’s PDA.
  • The potential to increase parking revenues through an increased bay occupancy turnover, people parking for longer and a reduction in payment avoidance due to a better and fairer customer experience. 

The Smart City Parking system is designed to integrate alongside current on street parking meters & cashless payment systems. It is not intended to replace or be an upgrade to these systems, rather offer drivers choice over how they choose to pay for their parking.

Clean Streets

To pair up with the MLL Dundee smart city project, AppyWay has listed as a technology partner/provider in the IUK Clean street projects. 

Many of the required development/integration will be performed within the MILL Dundee smart city project, hence this is a great compliment to allow AppyWay to elevate the EV Charging Space and improve EV charging outcomes for drivers in Dundee and for Dundee City Council. 

AppyWay has worked with other technology partners (Urban Foresight as the main project management company) within the project to onboard UEone charge points onto the Appy app to enable drivers to locate, check availability, operate and pay for charging through the app. 

EV charging in Dundee

UEone charge points in Dundee

Parking Person of the Year

Dan Hubert

In 2013, after a less than favourable experience parking in London Dan wanted to create a London driver app to show where you could and could not park – he soon realised that no data was available. Instead of giving up he took to his bike and cycled around the whole of London mapping over 1500 controlled parking zones. After six months he had enough data to launch the Yellow Line Parking app but knew he could not be responsible for maintaining such a large dataset.

It was then he embarked on a mission to raise investment and build a parking platform where the data was maintained by the managers of the kerbside… local authorities. Nearly 10 years on and AppyWay’s platform is recognised as the industry leading solution to connect cities to vehicles via one API. The platform possesses a dataset of digital TRO’s that simplifies the parking rules of over 110,000 parking signs into a single ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer for drivers.

Dan is self-taught across the spectrum. Having gained a 2:1 from St Martin in Art, Design and Advertising and spending some years in the advertising world, he then learned how to raise capital investment, create a business, and tackle the work of local government regulation and educate the private sector about the potential of a digital kerbside.

Dan’s commitment and passion for the industry is clearly displayed by his contributions to a range of initiatives. He is seen as a thought leader, contributor, and advisor. The section below contains just some of his contributions to the industry. 

Phew! It has been a busy 12 months for us! The awards ceremony is on October 19th so keep your eyes peeled as the winners are announced!