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The street party problem

Here at AppyWay we live and breathe all things kerbside. We understand that this static piece of concrete is actually an ever changing, ever evolving piece of local government infrastructure. 

This notion of a constantly changing government assets is never more true than on the August bank holiday weekend. In the capital it is arguably the busiest weekend of the summer. It’s the last weekend of the summer holidays, there’s music festivals, football matches and of course, the world’s second largest carnival, second only to Rio De Janeiro! Notting Hill Carnival will see 2 million people descend on Notting Hill, that’s about 11 Glastonbury’s worth of people! 

Events across the capital almost always require kerbside changes and Notting Hill Carnival is no different. The parade route is over 5.6km long, taking in Notting Hill and spilling into streets of Ladbroke Grove, Westbourne Park, Westbourne Grove, and Bayswater. That’s a lot of kerbside changes that need to be communicated to residents and visitors of the area. 

So how do you ensure drivers know that events are happening? How do you ensure a visitor to London doesn’t make a wrong turn in the hunt for parking and find themselves trapped behind a carnival float?

The Appy’ solution

Enter the AppyWay Platform. A city’s kerbside control centre and a means for councils to dynamically control who, when and where their kerbside is accessed. 

So with Notting Hill Carnival only a couple of days away, we put the end-to-end nature of the platform to the test, proving that with the right tools, councils can manage the kerbside for large scale events and feed that information directly into the hands of drivers. 

Using the drafting and amending tool, Mapper, a core component of our traffic order management solution, Traffic Suite, our GIS team was able to quickly suspend nearly 2000 on-street bays and lines within the carnival area.

Once this information was published within the tool, the information was automatically relayed via our API to the AppyParking+ mobile app.  Trusted by drivers across London as a source for insights that save them time and money when searching for parking, drivers across the capital will know where to avoid during Sunday and Monday’s party. 

AppyParking+ during non-carnival hours and the app showing no parking during carnival hours.

Want to learn more about the AppyWay Platform, Traffic Suite or the AppyParking+ app? Contact us 👉 here