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Just like Hollywood with their Academy Awards and Oscars, our industry awards season is upon us and the shortlist announcements have begun hitting our inboxes. 

We’re thrilled that in this first flurry of announcements, AppyWay have been nominated for not one, but two Highways Awards! AppyWay are up for Active Travel Scheme of the Year with our friends at Southwark Council, and the Highways Partnership Award with Dundee Council and the participants of Dundee MILL and Clean Streets. 

So what makes these projects so worthy of a shortlist position you ask? Let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to with our project partners! 

Southwark Council accelerating cycle hangar installation through AppyWay’s Traffic Suite

Southwark Council set themselves an ambitious target to process and install 200 cycle hangar bays over the last 12 months across the borough in order to address a surge in demand and resultant backlog of outstanding requests. Cycle hangars are a priority for Southwark as they are seen as a key way in which residents can make more sustainable travel choices, adopt healthier lifestyles and crucially help the borough achieve the mayor’s ambition of a net-zero London by 2030.  

The AppyWay award-winning, map-based traffic order management software, Traffic Suite, saved Southwark officers a significant amount of time by enabling bay locations to be drawn/modified on an interactive map rather than be defined via the previous/traditional text-based approach which typically requires multiple site visits. The use of the automatically generated map schedules via AppyWay’s Traffic Suite provides a format which is easily understood by consultees which has helped reduce the burden on Southwark’s officers in explaining the details of what is being consulted upon, something that happened more often prior to adopting Traffic Suite.

The use of AppyWay’s Traffic Suite has enabled Southwark Council to deliver above and beyond their original goal. Via the suite Southwark has: 

📈 Slashed the time it takes to amend and implement static order cycle hangar schemes, from 5 weeks to 2 

📈 Doubled their initial goal of cycle hangars, installing 200 in the last two year but now aiming to install 200 over the next 12 months 

📈 Dramatically reduced the need for time consuming site visits by providing designers with a real-time view of active traffic orders on street 

Cycle hangars Southwark

Cycle hangars in Southwark as seen in Traffic Suite

If you’d like to learn more about what our suite can do for you click here. Or alternatively, you can see how it’s benefited our other London customer, Haringey by clicking 👉 here

AppyWay transforming EV parking in Dundee with MILL & Clean Streets

The Mobility Innovation Living Laboratory (The MILL) is an innovation centre aiming to establish Dundee as a real-life test and experimentation environment for smart mobility solutions.

The first set of projects to be run by The MILL and will be collectively called ShareMORE (Shared Mobility and Resource Efficiency). ShareMORE projects will support the live trial, testing and refinement of innovative products, technologies or services across 5 challenge areas. 

One such project, proposed by Atkins and AppyParking, was a Smart City Parking solution that gives drivers the ability to:

⚡ Navigate directly to available bays, including EV charging bays, & visualise capacity of parking across the city in real time

⚡Understand clearly the pricing for parking in each location & effortlessly pay only for the minutes parked 

The solution provides Dundee City Council with:

📈 Real time data on bay availability, overstay & payments

📈 Historic data to analyse trends in payments, overstay and availability

📈 An effective method of identifying parking contraventions on Paid Bays and a simple method for checking valid parking sessions through an enforcement officer’s PDA

📈 The potential to increase parking revenues through an increased bay occupancy turnover, people parking for longer and a reduction in payment avoidance due to a better and fairer customer experience. 

The Smart City Parking system is designed to integrate alongside current on street parking meters & cashless payment systems. It is not intended to replace or be an upgrade to these systems, rather offer drivers choice over how they choose to pay for their parking.

Clean StreetsTo pair up with the MILL Dundee smart city project, AppyWay was listed as a technology partner/provider in the IUK Clean street projects. 

Many of the required development/integration was performed within the MILL Dundee smart city project, hence this is a great compliment to allow AppyWay to elevate the EV charging space and improve EV charging outcomes for drivers in Dundee and for Dundee City Council. 

AppyWay has worked with technology partners (Urban Foresight as the main project management company) within the project to onboard UEone charge points onto the AppyWay app, AppyParking, that enables drivers to locate, check availability, operate and pay for charging.

EV charging in Dundee

UEone charge points in Dundee 

EV charging as seen in AppyParking
An EV charging bay in the AppyParking app

Real-time availability of charging as seen through the AppyParking app

To date the solution in Dundee has: 

📈 The facility to navigate drivers to streets or car parks with higher availability

📈 The facility to visualise capacity of parking across the city in real time and understand clearly the pricing for parking in each location

📈 Drivers can get clear and free notifications if an active payment is due to expire

📈 Have parking sessions end automatically by simply driving out of the space

📈 Enable insight into parking patterns, timing and durations for different areas of the city, different types (loading, EV, Pay and display) – as shown in this report but with more and more data arriving as further sensors added

Want to learn more about our Smart City Parking capabilities? Read our case study with our council friends Harrogate Borough Council 👉 here

The awards gala is on the 19th October so watch this space as the winners are announced!