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Welcome aboard to our newest Traffic Suite customer, Cambridgeshire County Council!

Cambridgeshire and AppyWay have quite a history. AppyWay and Cambridgeshire first worked together on the Innovate UK project – The Parking Platform back in 2019. It was through this project that Mapper, a key component of the Traffic Suite was created.

We’re thrilled that Cambridgeshire have now officially made the move to the suite, moving from a sluggish and cumbersome mix of paper and digital processes to AppyWay’s streamlined end-to-end, digital, map-based solution, Traffic Suite. The team at Cambridgeshire are already experiencing a number of benefits. Andi Caddy, Policy and Regulation Engineer within the Traffic Management Service had this to say,

As one of the fastest growing counties in Britain, pressures on traffic management are unprecedented. By using Traffic Suite we have achieved significant cost savings as well as time savings - up to 50% - when producing Traffic Orders

Andi CaddyPolicy and Regulation Engineer

Want to learn more about how Traffic Suite can drive efficiencies across your entire static and moving order process? Find out more 👉 here.