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Digital TRO projects, solutions and possibilities

There’s so much going on in the world of traffic orders (TROs) that sometimes it’s hard to keep up! Thankfully through Transport Data Initiative’s (TDI’s) webinars we’re able to share and discuss the latest thinking in this area. TDI’s 4th Digital TRO webinar last month started 2021 with a bang, bringing together the DfT and a range of digital traffic order specialists to discuss the exciting developments in this field. It’s their most watched webinar to date highlighting the interest many traffic order stakeholders have in digital TROs. 

TDI were kind enough to ask AppyWay to present and our resident mobility expert, Ben Boutcher-West took the stage to take the attendees through what we’ve been up to. Throughout 2020 local authorities across the country reached out to us to help them digitise their TROs and manage traffic orders much more efficiently. Through our Traffic suite of TRO management tools we have been able to help them manage traffic orders digitally and end-to-end, driving efficiencies at every stage of the TRO journey. The suite provides a data output that is both standardised and machine readable to external partners and integrators. 

What has been most exciting are the opportunities the AppyWay Traffic suite and digitised TRO data unlocks. As Ben explains, authorities can create benefits beyond the traffic order team by allowing apps and developers to plug into TRO data with the aim of improving driver and business experiences, and reducing mileage and congestion. These integrations are only achievable with standardised, digitised traffic order data.

Alongside Ben you can hear from the DfT, White Willow Consulting, Buchanan Computing, One.Network and our friends Valtech who discuss their DfT led data standardisation alpha project, a project AppyWay have been inputting into. We will be sharing more details on our work with Valtech in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! 

In the meantime grab a cup of tea, tune in and watch the webinar recording below 👇