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Families could avoid wasting money if they walk just 10 minutes to their destination

London 31st May 2022: New research from AppyParking+ has revealed that families travelling to popular tourist destinations could save the equivalent of a ticket to their favourite destinations should they decide to walk the remaining 10 minutes to their destination, rather than parking as close as possible.

The research from the parking app, which helps save drivers money and time when looking for somewhere to park their car, located the closest parking space to a number of popular attractions in five cities across the UK and calculated potential savings for families who opted to park further away. The outcome identified London as one of the UK’s costliest places to park when it comes to potential savings missed for drivers – wasting up to £24 spent on parking per outing – followed by Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Birmingham.

The average price for on-street parking in London is £4.80 per hour, by far the highest in the UK, but by parking smarter drivers could save themselves over £20 per trip if they were to park further away and find a cheaper – or even FREE – parking space and finish their journey with a walk. This would be worth an adult ticket to Madame Tussauds!

Below is a full breakdown of how these cities compare by potential savings for tourists in comparison to ticket prices for popular attractions, as well as a graphic to put these savings and walking distances into perspective.

Dan Hubert, CEO of AppyParking+, said:

When you are searching for somewhere to park on a day trip, with a car full of kids, it can be easy to try to get as close as possible to your destination. But drivers are missing out on huge potential savings if they were willing to complete the last 10 minutes of their journey on foot! At first glance, a few quid an hour here and there might not seem like much, but when you consider how much a whole day could cost you, that’s your ticket to a popular attraction wasted, which only increases the cost of an already expensive family day out.

Beyond just the price saving, just by walking the last few minutes of your journey you can help reduce emissions within often very congested and polluted cities by saving over 2,000g of CO2 per trip – so drivers can also do their bit for the environment by being clever about where they choose to park.

AppyParking+ has parking data for over 450 towns and cities across the UK, but where some areas may appear less covered with up-to-date data, users are encouraged to notify the team through the app.

AppyParking’s Top Potential Savings by City

London – Madame Tussauds (Adult ticket – £33)[1]

  • Closest parking space – Nottingham Place
  • Hourly rate – £5.28 (Day ticket – £42.24)
  • Potential savings with 10-minute walk – Outer Circle, Camden (£2.40ph) – £23.04

Edinburgh – Edinburgh Castle (Adult ticket – £18)[2]

  • Closest parking space – King’s Stables Road
  • Hourly rate – £4.50 (Day ticket – £36)
  • Potential savings with 10-minute walk – Gillespie Crescent (Free to park) – £36

Cardiff – Cardiff Castle (Adult ticket – £14.50)[3]

  • Closest parking space – North Road (Car park)
  • Hourly rate – £3.10 (Day ticket – £24.80)
  • Potential savings with 10-minute walk Salisbury Road (Free to park) – £24.80

Birmingham – Thinktank Planetarium (Adult ticket –  £15.40)[4]

  • Closest parking space – Curzon Street
  • Hourly rate – £3.50 (Day ticket – £28)
  • Potential savings with 10-minute walk – Loveday Street (£1.50ph) – £16.00

Manchester – National Football Museum (Adult ticket – £11)[5]

  • Closest parking space – Todd Street
  • Hourly rate – £2.90 (Day ticket – £23.20)
  • Potential savings with 10-minute walk – Marshall Street (Free to park) – £23.20

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AppyParking+ is available now via 👉 App Store or Google Play.