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  • AppyWay have launched their powerful new driver app, AppyParking+, to alleviate the pain of navigating to any parking or loading location across London’s 14,000km of restricted kerbside
  • Londoners spend on average 12 minutes searching for parking, wasting precious time and fuel, and at a cost to the London’s economy of £4.3 billion
  • With fuel prices reaching record highs, now more drivers than ever need a solution that helps reduce miles driven and in doing so helps reduce congestion and carbon emissions
  • AppyParking+ helps drivers by unlocking the detailed parking and loading restriction information they need to quickly find the nearest and cheapest parking

London, UK, Tuesday 29th March 2022, digital kerbside management and intelligent parking firm, AppyWay, has today announced the launch of their new parking app, AppyParking+. Building on the success of the UK’s most awarded parking app, AppyParking+ is the copilot every driver needs and comes packed with new features and insights designed to help drivers find the cheapest and nearest parking to their destination.

Leveraging AppyWay’s comprehensive 5 million miles of digitised, standardised, and centralised kerbside data across the UK, AppyParking+ will target London and aim to slash up to 12 minutes off the 4.6 million trips that happen every day. This waste of time, money, fuel, and emissions costs the London economy a staggering £4.3 billion every year, according to research conducted by Inrix.

An essential app for any type of driver struggling with the lottery of endless kerbside restrictions, AppyParking+ is available for free or via a subscription that unlocks even more time and money saving features.

Premium subscribers can access exclusive parking insights such as intel on when paid bays will become free, or whether the next street over has cheaper parking.

AppyWay kerbside data has shown that the difference in cost between parallel streets can be over £5 per hour and with PCNs averaging at £60 across London, the savings for AppyParking+ users are significant.

Additional features new to AppyParking+ include turn-by-turn navigation to the nearest 5 parking locations to your destination along with a clear view of walking times. Through AppyParking+, drivers can shave 12 minutes off their journeys, enabling them to park like a local no matter where they are in the capital.

Dan Hubert, Founder & CEO AppyWay comments,

I am thrilled to have finally launched AppyParking+ which is the complementary product to our award-winning GovTech digital traffic management platform. Since our inception I have been championing the need to put quality parking data into the hands of every driver so citizens can make informed decisions about their destination and choose what mode of transport to take. Our growing customer base of Local Authorities and AppyParking+ users mean that we can all collectively help reduce the unnecessary miles driven and do our bit to help achieve carbon zero targets.

AppyParking+ is available now via 👉 App Store or Google Play.