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LONDON, UK – Tuesday 24th September:

Sustainable travel and car-sharing market-leaders, Liftshare, have announced a new partnership with innovative smart parking and intelligent mobility pioneers AppyWay.

The pair will develop new technology solutions that will enable large employers to both better manage their corporate car parking assets and deliver sustainable travel outcomes by driving greater adoption of car-sharing by employees for their daily commute.

For companies struggling with managing the demand for car parking spaces, a car-sharing scheme for employees to share the journey to and from work can deliver significant results. Liftshare saves it’s 700 clients over £20 million per year in parking costs, reducing the amount of spaces and land required to be leased.

Through a new integration with AppyWay’s smart car park solution, companies are now able to supercharge adoption of car-sharing through greater visibility and real-time availability parking bays and by allocating premium parking spaces, like those nearest to the office, exclusively for users of Liftshare.

Smart bay sensors, provided as part of AppyWay’s car park solutions suite, enable real-time availability of spaces to be visualised in their award-winning AppyParking mobile app, helping employees save time and reduce the miles driven finding parking on site.  Through their analytics tool, Insights, facilities teams are presented with the full demand lifecycle for parking, enabling data-driven decisions for how to optimise their assets.

The integration between Liftshare and AppyWay provides full visibility of bay usage for companies and enables real-time management of car-sharing only spaces, with verified Liftshare users pairing with the sensors in each bay.

Liftshare for Work provides companies with a bespoke, branded car sharing platform for their staff to use to enable sharing. The dashboard records all of the data, so reports can be generated on real-time figures for CO2 reduction, number of miles saved, and monetary savings by staff who cut their costs by 50%, just by sharing with colleagues.

Liftshare CEO, Ali Clabburn, said of the collaboration, “We’re very excited to be working with AppyWay. Innovation is in our DNA here at Liftshare and we’re constantly striving to offer our clients the best possible solution to encourage people to travel more sustainably. The opportunity to collaborate with companies like AppyWay means that clients get a well thought through, integrated solution that supports their goals and objectives when it comes to managing their car parks. Our goal of taking 1 billion miles off UK roads by 2020 is even more achievable when we work with others to share our vision.”

Dan Hubert, Founder and CEO of AppyWay added, “As cities and towns look for the means to tackle congestion and lower emissions, it’s important not to forget large companies and their workforce contribute to the challenge. We’re thrilled that through our collaboration with Liftshare, we can support companies with their sustainable transport goals and drive greater adoption of car-sharing, in addition to helping them optimise their parking assets and offer better experiences for their employees.”


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About AppyWay

AppyWay exists to help cities thrive from the kerb up. We see the kerb as a catalyst – the key to powering progress with the most pressing urban mobility challenges. Our platform of data, APIs and tools provide digital kerbside management solutions that enable intelligent mobility, better connecting cities with people and businesses.

Our suite of Smart Car Park solutions enable corporate car park managers and commercial operators to digitise and optimise their assets thanks to our smart sensor technology and powerful analytics solution, Insights.

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About Liftshare

Liftshare is the biggest carsharing network in the UK with over 600,000 members sharing 1 million trips every month. They help over 700 corporate clients to encourage staff to travel more sustainably using a suite of products. Having recently won their second Queen’s Award for Innovation for what judges called, “exceptional contributions to the environment, “Liftshare are on track to have saved over 1 billion miles from UK roads by 2020.

If you would like to know more about the technology and how it could work within your business, contact Liftshare (01603 389321, for further details.

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