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The frontier

Significant improvements have been made to the conundrum that is last mile delivery. Greener vehicles, better routing and optimised delivery times have helped fleets and fleet operators keep on top of efficiency whilst trying to adhere to tougher measures laid out by authorities to combat congestion and emissions. But there still remains a persistent problem that fleets struggle to solve…finding and correctly using parking within towns and cities.

Parking provides fleets with a number of frustrations. For drivers, searching for appropriate parking hinders their ability to arrive at their destination on time. For back office, it’s the resulting penalty charge notice that comes from their drivers parking in an inappropriate bay. Trawling through the many PCN’s they receive, fleet managers then need to spend time and money establishing which charges to appeal. Worst case scenario for a fleet is that the vehicle is towed and impounded. Not only is the operator now down a vehicle, but the fleet manager will need to start the costly process of recovering it.

On top of the implications to business, local authorities are continuously pushing back on how their roads and kerbside are used. Searching for parking clogs up city streets resulting in greater congestion and emissions. Parking illegally creates safety concerns and diminishes the city’s ability to be accessible to vulnerable road users. Ensuring a vehicle is parked correctly benefits both the fleet and the communities they operate in.

With all the data on where their vehicles are at any given time, you would think fleet operators would have found a way to better avoid parking tickets. According to a 2018 Lex Autolease survey of 377,000 company cars and vans, drivers racked up £5.93m in parking fines, an increase of 25.1% compared with the previous year. The average UK motorist spends nearly four days a year searching for parking research from the BPA has found. Whilst many fleets provide their drivers with the necessary apps to navigate to a destination, the information on parking tends to be incomplete or non-existent. Until now, access to accurate and comprehensive kerbside restriction data across the UK hasn’t been available.

The solution

At AppyWay we have been working tirelessly to digitise the UK’s kerbside restrictions. Now with over 300 town centres covered, we have the UK’s largest on-street parking dataset, helping drive significant efficiencies for large fleet operators.

Our maps expose drivers to precise parking options based on user location, reducing friction and supporting user retention. We can help reduce the time drivers spend searching for parking with smart routing options based on relevant parking options. Compliance at the kerbside is drastically improved, resulting in a reduction of penalty charge notices and reducing overall costs to the business. More importantly, all of these benefits can be integrated into current driver apps with our kerbside maps API.

We’re able to provide your fleet with visibility of every metre of paint on the road related to parking. Our data provides up to 3cm accuracy on a variety of bay types and with our HD Kerbside Data offering we can provide visibility of single and double yellow lines within a number of UK towns and cities.

Explore the possibilities for your organisation or customer base. Get in touch today and we’ll get you going in the right direction.