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on-street parking dataset

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Understand the kerb like never before

Access the UK’s largest on-street parking dataset with our kerbside restriction APIs that reflect every metre of controlled parking in UK towns and cities.

Car-sharing & rental

Delight customers with industry-leading on-street parking inventory in your driver apps.

Navigation & telematics

Leverage the UK’s largest standardised on-street parking inventory dataset and add tangible value to your customer proposition.

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The power of our data

We’re digitising the kerb for an intelligent future

With HD Kerbside data, mobility developers can deliver game-changing last mile parking experiences for motorists. We’re empowering authorities and citizens with our data, ultimately helping create more accessible, more liveable cities.

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HD Kerbside Maps

Explore every inch of the kerb in high definition

Our HD maps are a precise blueprint of kerbside restrictions that can be leveraged by mobility providers, connected cars, and fleet operators to enhance the experience for users whilst delivering operational and cost benefits for organisations by enabling vehicles to become fully compliant at the kerbside. Powered by our award-winning ‘Signs to Lines’ mapping solution, HD Kerbside data exposes every metre of paint on the road related to parking and traffic management with an accuracy of up to 3cm.

Logistics | Utilities | Local authorities | Shared mobility | CAV | Urban and transport planners

SD Maps

Maps tailored for mobility applications

Modern mobility applications focus on demand and supply management and fleet optimisation. By integrating the SD line API, mobility providers can benefit from;

  • Informed street-to-asset mapping, reducing parking tickets and operating costs
  • Exposing precise parking options based on user location, reducing friction and supporting user retention

This data layer exposes parking bays where users can park.

Mobility providers | Fleet operators | Logistics | Utilities

POI Map Pins

Integrate UK on-street parking inventory

Enhance your existing service by integrating paid on and off street parking data with map pins. With over 300 urban centres covered, leveraging our API can quickly deliver UK coverage for your users.

Consumer facing apps | Insurance providers | Breakdown & recovery | Fleet operators

Daily petrol prices

AppyParking offers UK wide petrol prices and locations for over 8,500 stations, updated on a daily basis. The API shows the nearest and cheapest fuel prices within a specified radius or along an A to B route. The power of this data can save drivers as much as £30 per tank.

Kerbside Maps

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