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Traffic Order innovation

A world first for Traffic Orders. Fully standardised formats, with an output available via API. Streamlined efficiency-boosting processes. Highly intuitive. And all set to tackle tomorrow’s mobility demands.
  • Fully aligned with the Alliance of Parking Data Standards (APDS)
  • Drives down the time and cost of creating and managing TROs
  • Transform public access and engagement with mobility APIs and easy-to-use Public Consultation Portal
Mapper our (TRO) Traffic Order Management Software for Local Authorities

Created for the public sector, with the public sector.

Designed in collaboration with three partner authorities, Mapper solves today’s most pressing Local Authority challenges by unlocking the potential of the kerb.

With increasing demands on infrastructure from ride-hailing and home delivery contrasting with decreasing footfall on local high streets, optimising kerb access and experiences represents a significant opportunity for authorities.

The kerb can be a catalyst for positive change and Mapper has been specifically designed to streamline processes, save time and lower the cost of managing Traffic Orders.

Drive up efficiency

Simplify TRO processing from request to publishing. Reduce your volume of FOI requests. And improve cross department collaboration.

Simplify policy changes

Easier-to-implement Traffic Orders take less time – and money – to change. This makes it simpler to consider kerbside policy changes as part of your sustainable transport initiatives.

Seamless onboarding

Get to grips with all your Mapper tools quickly and easily. Our intuitive training portal, enriched with how-to guides and simple videos, will get everyone up and running from day one. Naturally, Mapper syncs with other GIS systems and ingests existing data for the smoothest of transitions.

Help unlock the power of standardised data

Local Authorities hold the keys to the kerb. Yet until now, access to standardised kerbside data for the private and public sectors has been lacking. Cue Mapper. A simple interface to bridge that gap. Empowering inter-authority collaboration. Driving improved kerbside compliance with up-to-date standardised TRO data.

Enabling future mobility

Realise greater value from existing assets, enable smarter mobility solutions and align with the Department For Transport’s ‘Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy’.

Mapping solutions

With our ‘Signs to Lines’ technology we can digitally survey your authority and produce a baseline traffic order dataset ready for Mapper.

Productivity enhancing features


Your space to create, manage and track TROs and TMOs, with a full history of changes.

Public Consultations

A centralised portal to inform and engage the public on necessary changes – driving the faster, easier consultation that leads to happier residents and businesses.

Traffic Order Management Public Consultation Portal

Better engage your public with our consultation portal.

Bring your schemes to life with the clean, intuitive UI of our consultation portal. Publish proposals with the click of a button and collect feedback as part of our streamlined TRO management processes.

See our Cambridgeshire case study
British Parking Awards 2020 logo


Parking Partnerships – Future Ready Traffic Orders

Mapper was the BPA 2020 winner of the Parking Partnerships Award. Funded by Innovate UK and created in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council, Coventry City Council and Milton Keynes Council.


What They’re Saying

This idea enables a vision for smarter parking for UK local authorities, future proofing them for connected transport and mobility as a service. Digital TROs are a core need for other projects Innovate UK is supporting and we are delighted to help bring this innovation to the market.

Karla JakemanConnected Transport Innovation Lead, Innovate UK

We have identified real savings in the time it takes to upload and edit data in our zone-based parking approach. Work which used to take several weeks is now done in a few hours. This will allow us to be more flexible in the future and support our mobility projects.

Sunil BudhdeoTransport Innovation Manager, Coventry City Council

Our involvement in developing the Mapper has led to a product that will benefit Highways Authorities not just in the immediacy but will prepare them for future developments such as autonomous vehicles and smart parking.

Andi CaddyHighways Engineer, Cambridgeshire County Council

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