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With parking mapped out for over 450 cities in the country, you can integrate our data in your technology to reduce operational costs, improve efficiency and create a smarter fleet.

How we help optimising fleets just like yours:

Lower Parking Spend

Push significant cost savings by identifying the cheapest place to park near your job.

Save Fuel

Optimise last metre operations with smarter parking-based routes for drivers.

Improve Safety

Stress-free drivers make better decisions and lower insurance premiums.

Intelligent Mobility

Why AppyWay

Our award-winning technology is helping cities thrive, from the kerb up.

Kerbside Management

Our products are being used by councils across the country to digitise the Kerbside. We are leading the charge to make kerbs dynamic and relevant to cities based on the needs of people.

Real Time Parking

We are building the infrastructure to make parking real-time. Today we have four cities in the UK where drivers can view parking availability before moving and pay by the minute.

Continuously Innovating

Our technology is evolving and growing as we tackle the mobility challenges facing our cities. Our platform is leading the charge to connect governments, businesses and people to the kerbside.

World Class Support

Our account managers provide dedicated support ensuring our clients are up to speed from day one. We work with you closely on product integration and maximise value to increase the ROI of your fleet vehicles.

See how it can work for your business.

Technology Integration

Information Available in our API

Our API provides comprehensive information on Britain’s kerbside parking.

  • On-street parking
  • Free parking bays
  • Paid parking bays
    • Hourly Rate
    • Time limits and duration
    • Day of week
  • Off-street parking 
    • Hourly Rate
    • Hours of operation
  • Loading bays
  • Electric vehicle parking
  • Congestion charges
  • Yellow line loading rules
  • Length of bays
  • Parking restrictions
    • Bank holiday
    • Events
Future transport simulation
HD Kerbside Data

Explore every inch of the kerb in high definition

In a number of cities, including London, Leeds and Oxford, we are able to offer our kerbside data in high definition. Our HD maps are an even more precise blueprint of kerbside restrictions, with accuracy of up to 3cm. Powered by our award-winning ‘Signs to Lines’ mapping solution, HD kerbside data exposes every metre of paint on the road related to parking and traffic management. Fleets can benefit from:

  • Up to 3cm accuracy
  • Shape & size of the bay
  • Up to date, detailed attribution
  • All bay types in our standard offering plus 30 more inc:
    • Single/Double Yellow Lines
    • Shared Use Bays
    • Taxi Bays
    • Loading Bays

Parking API

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