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A glimpse into the future

As lockdowns ease across Britain the time has never been more ripe to buck the status quo and shake up our travel behaviours. Policy makers and the public alike are asking – what kind of future do we want to build in the wake of this pandemic? What kind of world do we want for future generations? 

A glimpse into how this future could look was given to us over the course of three months in near complete lockdown. As the UK went to ground a new world emerged, one with cleaner air, quieter streets, and a population that has become more community spirited, and active travel focussed. 

The government took notice. They also took notice of the steadily rising number of cars on the roads as people shunned public transport at each stage of the economy reopening. Now, with the last stage of reopening on our doorstep the government knew it had to act or face an imminent future of gridlocked towns and climbing emissions. 

Enter… the Emergency Active Travel Fund

Part of the government’s £2 billion package for local authorities across the country to put cycling and walking at the heart of their transport policy. £225 million of that package forms the Emergency Active Travel Fund, to support local authorities across England to make rapid but lasting changes to their transport network.

But how exactly should local authorities respond? How can approaches and actions engender and reinforce positive behaviour change? How can communities and businesses be engaged so that initiatives are well understood and considered successful?

The guide

Here at AppyWay, we have done the hard yards for authorities and collated all this information in our handy quick-start guide – Reimagining Travel and Public Space Guide. From understanding the recent changes to Statutory Guidance, how and when to apply for the emergency active travel funding, through to how an authority can make changes and engage the public at every stage, AppyWay has done the work so authorities can quickly and effectively implement initiatives within their communities.


Download now and dare to reimagine.